It was found that last year, which was the most booming year ever, golf courses donated close to 5 billion won.

First, 메이저놀이터 the Korea Golf Course Management Association (Chairman Park Chang-yeol), which has 203 member companies, announced on the 6th that “As a result of investigating social contribution activities in 2022, 73 golf courses across the country donated a total of 3 billion won.”

He added, “There are many golf courses that are closed for a long time in winter, and some golf courses affiliated with large corporations are confidential in relation to the amount of specific social contributions, so the actual amount of donation is likely to be much higher than the results of the survey.” It was found that the golf course visits nearby village protection facilities and the underprivileged throughout the year and makes donations and volunteer activities in various forms.

The Korea Public Golf Course Association also announced at the end of last year, “It was counted that 30 public golf courses of the association’s member companies donated 1.98 billion won in donations and goods this year.” The Korea Public Golf Course Association is conducting various social contribution activities such as regional scholarships and village development funds, consolation visits to village senior citizens’ centers and senior welfare nursing homes, support for multicultural families, charity golf tournaments and support for developing young golfers, and donations to aid victims of forest fire disasters.