The ‘2023 World Scout Jamboree’ , which started in Saemangeum, Buan-gun, Jeonbuk, ended its 12-day long journey with a closing ceremony and a K-pop concert. From the beginning to the middle of the tournament, there were twists and turns due to the unprecedented heat wave and typhoon ‘Kanun’ that penetrated the Korean Peninsula, but some say that the ‘K- Jamboree’ was a blessing as the crew left Saemangeum and scattered to 8 cities and provinces across the country.

According to the Jamboree Organizing Committee on the 12th, about 43,000 members from 159 countries who participated in the Jamboree concluded their official schedule with the Jamboree Closing Ceremony and K-Pop Super Live Concert held the previous day at Sangam World Cup Stadium in Seoul.

After the concert ended the night before, the members went back to their respective lodgings. On this day, the members leave for their respective countries from the morning without any official schedule. While most countries leave Korea on the same day, some countries plan to leave Korea on the 13th or 14th after carrying out additional schedules in Korea.

Through this Jamboree event, 43,000 members from 159 countries around the world gathered in Korea. Korea held its second World Jamboree in 32 years since the World Jamboree in Goseong in 1991, making it the 6th country to host the World Jamboree more than twice.

The Jamboree event was held on the 1st in Saemangeum, Buan-gun, Jeollabuk-do amid expectations from around the world, but various incidents continued until the beginning and middle of the event.

The first risk of this Jamboree was flooding of the territory due to heavy rain. This issue emerged as a factor that could decide the success or failure of the tournament right before the opening. The Saemangeum Jamboree site underwent flooding one after another due to particularly heavy rainfall and guerrilla torrential rains compared to previous years.

After the rain stopped, the heat wave was a problem. As the unprecedented heat wave continued, 43,300 participants from 159 countries around the world had to suffer from the fear of the heat wave. As many as 100 to 200 heat-related illnesses occurred a day. The expression ‘survival game’ was also circulated.

In addition to the heatwave, the overall lack of convenience facilities was continuously raised throughout the event. In particular, the shower room and toilet were objects of criticism to the crew. Showers were lacking and toilet hygiene was poor. A few days after the opening, civil servants from Jeonbuk Province and others were put in to clean and manage, and the dissatisfaction subsided a little.

The Saemangeum Jamboree faced its biggest crisis five days after its opening먹튀검증. As the UK and the US decided to retire early. When the two countries announced that they had decided to retire early to ensure the safety of their members, citing the heat wave and the poor environment, some raised concerns about ‘domino early retirement’.

In response, the government immediately announced a full-fledged support plan. President Yoon Seok-yeol ordered the expansion of support, and the Prime Minister, who visited the Yeongji, promised the members, “If there is anything uncomfortable, tell me. I will take action immediately.” The government also unified the management body, led by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security. As a result, the issue of ‘Domino’s early retirement’ was settled.

The Jamboree, which seemed to be starting to normalize, encountered a huge obstacle on the 8th, one week after the start of the event, the 6th Typhoon ‘Kanun’ penetrating the Korean Peninsula. Some raised concerns that the Jamboree event might be stranded, but the government changed the concept of the ‘Saemangeum Jamboree’ to a ‘K- Jamboree’ that expanded the ‘Saemangeum Jamboree’ to 8 cities and provinces nationwide, including Seoul and Gyeonggi Province, and started to evolve.

Scouts scattered across the country continued their Jamboree activities with local culture and experiences prepared by each local government. In Seoul, ‘Welcome to Seoul Dance Night’ and ‘Namsan Dulle-gil Trekking’ were held with EDM DJing . In addition, members from all over the country experienced Korea firsthand while enjoying programs organized according to the Jamboree’s purpose of new experiences, adventures, and exchanges, from K- culture to natural environment and high-tech industrial field trips.

This Jamboree officially ended on the 11th with the closing ceremony, which is the ‘highlight’ of the event, and the ‘K -Pop Super Live Concert’. On this day, 40,000 members from 140 countries out of 43,000 registered members from 153 countries attended the closing ceremony. Members of the British, American and Singaporean crews who retired early also attended. About 40,000 scouts enjoyed the performances of K-pop stars such as popular idol New Jeans and Ive, and continued the hot atmosphere until the end of the event.

The 40,000 members of the Jamboree, who have completed the 12-day long journey, will leave the country one by one from the morning of this day. Some countries stay in Korea for a few more days and continue to visit Korea. The Ministry of Public Administration and Security will provide necessary support, such as accommodation, even after the official schedule ends on the 12th if the participants of the ‘World Scout Jamboree as Birds’ desire, according to the instructions of President Yoon Seok-yeol.

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