“Even if I try not to blame the referee… Did I write the challenge too early? I don’t know.” The Lakers, who lost 3 games in the last 2 weeks only because of an error. The new head coach in his first year seemed to have gone mental after the game.

The Los Angeles Lakers lost 121-125 after an overtime match against the Boston Celtics held at TD Garden on the 29th (Korean time).메이저놀이터

The misjudgment that came out on this day is evaluated as the most shocking of all the judgments made this season. In the last offensive situation in the fourth quarter regular time, the Lakers tried to break through LeBron and Jayson Tatum (Boston) hit him hard on the arm. The score at the time was 105-105. Lebron needed two free throws just before the end, but the referees didn’t call a foul.

After the game, Lebron was in pain by holding his head, and then knelt down and almost cried, making headlines.

With this loss, the Lakers have lost three games over the past two weeks due to errors. It’s a pretty harsh situation for a first-year coach. New coach Davin Hamm said, “Even if I try not to blame the referees, it is getting harder and harder. There were some areas where we could have done better, but mostly we did well. It’s really sad that the match ended that way. I don’t want favoritism. It wants equality. Did I write the challenge too early… I don’t know.”

Writing the challenge early is just an unfortunate choice in the end result, and it makes no sense to write the challenge late after calculating the mistake. This is the reason why the self-help of a first-year coach leaves a pity.

“It’s good that the fans enjoyed the exciting basketball game,” he said. But for us… The best players in the world never get a single foul call. It’s amazing,” he concluded the interview.

The NBA Secretariat and the referee association have already officially acknowledged the mistake. In particular, the referee association left an interview saying, “Just as everyone makes mistakes, we make mistakes too. I don’t think I will be able to sleep for a while.” There are people who really can’t sleep. A harsh time is passing for the first-year manager, who is in the midst of competition for the rankings, but has suffered only 3 mishaps in the past 2 weeks.

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