South Africa was selected as the most dangerous travel destination in the world먹튀검증, and Japan was selected as the safest country. According to ADT

, an American security company, on the 10th (local time), South Africa scored less than 0.81 out of 10 on a safety score of 0.81, ranking it as the world’s most dangerous resort destination. The countries surveyed were the most visited places by holidaymakers between 2017 and 2019 according to the Office for National Statistics ( ONS ) data. The safety score follows the World Population Review ( WPR )’s ‘Crime Rate by Country’, which analyzes the rate of robbery and murder per 100,000 people . Some countries, such as Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates, were not included in the list due to insufficient data. South Korea was also omitted from the investigation list. The second most dangerous resort in the world is the United States with a score of 2.17. Sweden, France and Jamaica followed with 2.28, 2.40 and 2.42 points, respectively. From the second place, the difference in scores was divided by decimal points and did not show a large range, but the fact that the score difference between South Africa in first place and the United States in second place exceeded one point is interpreted as meaning that South Africa’s security is serious.

In fact, South Africa is considered one of the countries with the highest violent crime rate in the world, with about 20,000 murders every year out of a population of about 60 million. According to statistics released by the local police in May, the number of victims of homicides in South Africa in the first quarter of this year reached 6,289. During the same period, the number of victims of sex crimes exceeded 10,000.

In addition, Canada, Morocco, Costa Rica, New Zealand, and Australia ranked in the top 10 most dangerous vacation destinations in the world with a safety score of 3.

Meanwhile, ADT has announced that Japan ranks as the world’s safest vacation spot. Japan’s safety score was 7.51.

It was followed by Slovakia (7.46), Cyprus (7.39), Norway (7.25) and Portugal (7.11). The Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Romania and Austria also ranked in the world’s top 10 safest resorts with scores of 6.

The ADT explained that “less than 20% of people in Japan are worried about robbery, etc.” and “in South Africa, 77% of people are worried about crimes such as robbery.” He added, “It is important to look closely at the crime rate and theft rate by country to set a vacation destination to visit and a travel destination that requires a little attention.”

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