A man in his 60s who was arrested and handed over to trial for allegedly sexually assaulting two minor daughters of his partner was sentenced to a heavy sentence.

According to the legal community on the 25th, the먹튀검증 Jeju District Prosecutor’s Office sentenced Kim (62) to 30 years in prison, who was arrested and indicted for violating the Act on the Protection of Children and Adolescents (rape, etc.) requested the court to sentence

According to the facts of the prosecution, Mr. Kim is accused of sexually assaulting Miss B (16), the daughter of Mr. A, her partner, on April 7 and 29 last year.

It was also investigated that after watching pornography at her Mr. A’s house in January 2021, earlier than this, he molested Miss C, another daughter of Mr. A, who was only 13 years old at the time, or acted similarly.

All of Kim’s crimes were committed when Mr. A was not at her house, and it was found that before the crime, he powdered sleeping pills and mixed them with drinks or lactic acid bacteria and fed them to the victims.

In addition, it was confirmed that the victims’ brothers were put to sleep by making them drink a drink with sleeping pills. Mr. Kim’s crime was revealed when her mother, Mr. A, installed a closed circuit ( CC ) TV

in her house after Mr. B said, “It seems that he has been sexually assaulted.” Mr. A petitioned the court for her severe punishment. Mr. A said, “Even though her daughter knew that she had been raped, she was afraid that her mother would be wrong, so she could not easily say her words and held it in.” She said, “She really She wants to become a mother and die.”

He appealed, “My daughter has done nothing wrong, so I don’t know why she has to live with the pain.”

Kim acknowledged all of her crimes and apologized to the victims, but asked the court to sentence her after her daughter’s wedding scheduled for next month.

Kim’s lawyer said, “There is a wedding ceremony for Mr. Kim’s daughter in mid-September,” and asked for leniency, saying, “I would be grateful if the date of sentencing was set after this date so that the Kim family would not suffer or be harmed by this case.”

The sentencing hearing for Mr. A is scheduled to be held on October 19th at 10:00 am.

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