Professional basketball Seoul Samsung finally escaped from a 5-game losing streak. Lee Jung-hyeon (35) was also the solver.

Samsung escaped from its recent five-game losing streak by winning 87-72 in an away game against Jeonju KCC in the 2022-23 professional basketball regular season held at Jeonju Gymnasium on the 17th. Samsung, which had been in 8th place until the game, won the match against 7th place KCC and tied for 7th place with 9 wins and 13 losses.

Samsung has recently been suffering from a lack of support and has fallen into a losing streak. Many of the key players, such as Marcus Derrickson and Lee Dong-yeop, have been away for a long time due to injuries. Lee Jung-hyun and Kim Si-rae played an active role, but in the power struggle between the thin player base and foreign players, they had no choice but to be pushed by the opposing team. 메이저사이트

It was Lee Jung-hyun, the ace, who saved the team in crisis. Lee Jung-hyun, who used Jeonju Gymnasium as his home stadium at KCC until last season, recorded 30 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists, including 5 3-point shots, in Jeonju, his first visit after moving to free agency. In particular, he dominated the game by scoring 18 points, attempting 7 field goals only in the 4th quarter and making all of them successful.

Samsung started the first quarter with a 30-15 lead, but the atmosphere did not last long this time either. KCC fiercely pursued in the second quarter and finished the first half 48-40. KCC continued its pursuit until the third quarter with ace Heo Woong scoring 21 points.

Lee Jung-hyun dominated the 4th quarter in a situation where the flow did not come over. Lee Jung-hyun put in a jump shot 6 minutes and 39 seconds before the end of the game, and succeeded in an Andone play that even earned Heo Woong a foul. He then added a mid-range shot in a 70-67 situation with 4 minutes and 47 seconds left in the game, and added a 3-pointer about 4 minutes before the end of the game. Lee Jung-hyun broke through the opponent’s defense at the end of the game and scored under the goal, putting a wedge in the victory that day.