“This is my second stock investment and I made a 60% profit in 6 months.”

Mr. Hwang (30), an office worker living in Asan, South Chungcheong Province, raises his eyebrows just by looking at the stock account. This is because Hana Micron stocks, which I had put in as savings last March, rose and made a huge profit.

Although Mr. Hwang did not have much experience in stock investment, Hana Micron was a familiar place to him. Hana Micron, which conducts semiconductor packaging testing outsourced from large domestic semiconductor companies, is located in Asan, where Mr. Hwang lives. Mr. Hwang said that the secret to profit was that he was able to understand the improving situation of the semiconductor industry and at the same time hear in detail about Hana Micron’s internal circumstances from his acquaintances.

He said, “I invested because I thought it was a healthy semiconductor company in our region and would have greater growth potential than Samsung Electronics, a large stock,” and added, “We have exceeded our target rate of return faster than expected and are currently cashing it out.”

There is a lot of interest in Hana Micron not only among Hwang but also among his investors. Semiconductor back-end process companies are receiving market attention, and among them, Hana Micron is emerging as a leading player.

Hana Micron, up 234% this year… ” Best among OSAT companies”On the 7th, Hana Micron closed trading at 31,000 won, up 1,100 won (3.68%) from the previous trading day. Hana Micron rose to 31,800 won during the day, breaking a historic record price.

Hana Micron’s stock price rose 233.69% this year. This is compared to Samsung Electronics’ rise of 27.31% during the same period. The market capitalization also increased from 434 billion won at the beginning of this year to 1.486 trillion won currently.

This is the beginning of a change in the semiconductor business ecosystem먹튀검증. As demand for AI (artificial intelligence) increases, demand for high-spec HBM (high bandwidth memory) semiconductors and GPU (graphics processing units) is increasing. Large domestic semiconductor companies such as Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix are currently investing heavily in back-end packaging technology to meet such market demand.

These companies are expected to outsource the general packaging process to external companies in the future for reasons of cost reduction and high performance. Recently, Samsung Electronics agreed to supply HBM3 with NVIDIA, a global AI semiconductor company, and passed the quality verification test. HBM3 is currently the highest specification semiconductor and is installed in GPUs used in generative AI . In June last year, SK Hynix became the world’s firstWe succeeded in mass producing HBM3 and are currently supplying it exclusively to NVIDIA.

Hana Micron is a full turnkey OSAT (outsourced semiconductor package test) company that covers bumps, testing, and packaging, and the market sees the possibility of giving Samsung Electronics HBM packaging supplies .

Hana Micron also cooperated with SK Hynix to strengthen its internal stability. In 2021, Hana Micron signed a business cooperation and outsourcing contract with SK Hynix for semiconductor post-factory production in Vietnam. Related sales are expected to begin in earnest from Hana Micron VINA, a Vietnamese subsidiary, starting this year . E-Best Investment & Securities predicted that Vietnamese corporate sales will increase to KRW 377.1 billion in 2023, KRW 691.6 billion in 2024, and KRW 919.3 billion in 2025.

Cha Cha-ho, a researcher at E-Best Investment & Securities, said, ” We cannot avoid the impact of SK Hynix and Samsung Electronics’ production cuts, but the sales of our Vietnamese subsidiary are growing faster than expected, which will offset the impact of the production cuts.” He added, “2nd quarter deficit due to expansion of Vina Building 2 . “It was expected that there would be a transition, but the trend of surplus will continue due to improved server-centered product mix,” he said.

Hana Micron’s expectations in the market are high. According to financial information company FnGuide, Hana Micron’s expected average sales this year are 1.1164 trillion won and operating profit is 106.2 billion won. The average target price suggested by domestic securities companies is 25,500 won, but the current stock price has already surpassed this.

In the securities world, there is a feeling that the market’s expectations for Hana Micron have been overly reflected, but they believe that good performance and stock prices will continue. Researcher Cha said, “ HBM“The trend of increased outsourcing of existing products due to capacity expansion is still in effect,” he said. “Even at the bottom of the memory industry, Vina will continue to perform solidly compared to other OSAT companies thanks to its growth.”

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