Senga Kodai (New York Mets), who had shown himself as strong as a ‘nemesis’ with 1 hit and 4 strikeouts in 9 at-bats during his Japanese professional baseball days, took a proper blow to Seiya Suzuki (Chicago Cubs) this time.

The Chicago Cubs and the New York Mets had a confrontation on the 25th (Korean time) at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois, USA. On this day, the Cubs defeated the Mets 4-2 and won two consecutive victories, while the Mets suffered two consecutive losses, confirming the ‘Losing Series’.

The highlight of the match was the confrontation between Senga and Suzuki. Senga signed a 5-year, 75 million dollar (approximately 99.3 billion won) contract with the Mets prior to this season and entered the major league stage, and Suzuki signed a 5-year, 70 million dollar (approximately 92.6 billion won) contract last year, one season ahead of Senga. I got to wear a Cubs uniform through it.

Sengawa Suzuki was a ‘superstar’ representing the league in pitching and hitting during the Japanese professional baseball days. However, it was Senga who always smiled in the face-to-face confrontation between the two. According to Japan’s ‘Sponichi Annex’, Sengawa Suzuki’s overall performance in the regular season, All-Star Game, and Japan Series was 9 at-bats, 1 hit, and 4 strikeouts. Senga was overwhelmingly strong.

Sengawa Suzuki rarely had a chance to face off after entering the major leagues, but from the 24th, a three-game series between the Cubs and the Mets took place, and their confrontation naturally took place. Senga and Suzuki, who won gold medals together at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, met in the outfield and chatted for a while and showed off their friendship, and Senga expressed his determination to “look forward to the first confrontation in the major leagues.”

Senga was overwhelmingly strong in Japan, but the situation was a little different in the major leagues. Suzuki, who entered the major leagues a year earlier than Senga, smiled. Suzuki became the lead batter at the bottom of the second inning when the score was 0-0 and played with Senga to the 8th pitch.

In the second at-bat, he even pulled out a tie against Senga. In the bottom of the 3rd inning, where the Cubs trailed 1-2, with 2nd out and 2nd base, Suzuki did not miss Senga’s 82.8 mile (approximately 133.3km) forkball that vaguely fell into the strike zone on the second pitch, and scored a tying double with 1 RBI in left field. burst Afterwards, Suzuki stepped on home on a timely hit by former Hanwha Eagles former Mike Tuckman and even scored a come-from-behind goal.

Senga, who had been beaten in the previous two at-bats, produced a good result in the last confrontation in the 5th inning. Senga had a third game with Suzuki at first base unscathed in the bottom of the fifth inning with the Mets trailing 2-3, and made a catcher foul fly with a high cutter in the fifth pitch. In the match between those who faced off for the first time in five years since the Japan Series in 2018, Suzuki finally won with 2 at-bats, 1 hit, 1 RBI and 1 walk.

Senga, who did not look very good, giving up 5 walks while throwing 5 innings that day, recorded his 3rd loss (4 wins) of the season with 3 hits, 6 strikeouts and 3 runs (3 earned), Suzuki, showing off, took an active part with 1 hit, 1 RBI, 1 run and 1 walk in 3 at-bats, and stood at the forefront of the team’s victory. He also improved his season batting average from 0.283 to 0.285.스포츠토토

After the game, Suzuki said, “It was fortunate that a mismatch came and I was able to capture that one shot.” He said he was a very difficult pitcher if he didn’t make a mistake. Still, I think today was good.”

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