The fourth hitter of the Japanese national team, Munetaka Murakami (Yakult), who fell into sluggishness, hit a large home run in batting practice. Seeing the home run that flew towards the billboard of Shohei Otani (Angels), which is entwined around the Tokyo Dome, the Japanese media are encouraging Murakami, saying that he has prepared an opportunity for revival.

The Japanese WBC (World Baseball Classic) national team, including Murakami, trained at the Tokyo Dome from noon on the 14th. Japan’s Sponichi reported, “Murakami fired a direct shot at a signboard modeled by Ohtani during batting training,” and “Is this a sign of revival?”

After the opening of the tournament, Murakami played as the fourth hitter in all four games, but his performance was not good. He is 2 hits in 14 at-bats (0.143 batting average) with no home runs in 20 at-bats, with only 7 strikeouts. He got his first hit against the Czech Republic on the 11th, his third match, and recorded his second hit against Australia on the 12th, the final match of the group stage.

Sponichi explained, “In the game against Australia on the 12th, Ohtani hit a super-large home run toward the signboard he was modeling for. Murakami’s batting training hit was a home run that landed a little to the right.” Can it be revived? Everyone in Japan is looking forward to the success of ‘Murakami-sama’.”

Daily Sports explained that there were a total of 8 home runs in 28 swings, and two direct hit home runs came out. In addition, Murakami’s efforts to escape from sluggishness, such as setting the tee height higher than usual, were introduced.먹튀검증

Head coach Hideki Kuriyama of Japan said, “We still have training tomorrow. We are checking the status. We will find a way to win with a balanced batting line.”

Meanwhile, Japan has won all four Group B matches and is preparing for the quarterfinal match against Italy on the 16th. Japanese pitchers made a stark contrast by throwing faster and more precise balls than Korean pitchers, even though they were shorter. In batting, unlike the past, more and more players are showing the trend of ‘modern baseball’. Despite the sluggishness of the built-in number 4 Murakami, he scored 38 points in 4 games in the group stage.

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