“15,000 photos of the dog’s back?”

There is a college student who started a business with this. What kind of business can you do by taking pictures of the dog’s back and collecting them? Companion animal health care service.

Kim Gwang-hyeon (26), CEO of 11 Liter, delayed graduating from business administration major and jumped into the business. That’s how the ‘Eleven Liter’ was founded in 2021. In January of this year, 11 Liter launched ‘Lipet’, an online home care solution for companion animals.

It is easy to use. Just install the app and answer a simple questionnaire. The non-face-to-face interview service consists of a total of 20 questions. If you enter breed, age, past medical history, symptoms, lifestyle, etc., it shows overall health status and health scores for 10 parts such as heart, stomach, and teeth.

CEO Kim said, “We improved the accuracy with our own algorithm먹튀검증 and AI technology, and as a result of testing on about 80 animals, it showed 92.8% effectiveness.”

Photos of puppies can predict patella dislocation (the small bone that protects the knee joint). In fact, this service is the core service of Lipet and is unique in Korea. If you take a picture of your dog’s back and post it, it will tell you the possibility of patellar dislocation and its progress. To this end, CEO Kim personally took 15,000 photos of the backs of 5,000 puppies and worked on the data.

CEO Kim said, “Patellar dislocation is one of the common diseases experienced by dogs, as about 70% of small dogs experience it . ”

Following the patella dislocation, a service was recently launched to find out the possibility of gingivitis and periodontitis in companion animals. You can take a picture of your pet’s oral cavity and upload it. This service is available for dogs as well as cats.

Then, at the end of the year, we plan to expand the target area to obesity check service, and later to cataract and atopic dermatitis.

There is also a service to consult with a veterinarian. Veterinarians specializing in internal medicine, surgery, and emergency can provide 1:1 consultations to answer questions about pet health.

Currently, there are over 20,000 registered companion animals using the Lipet service. The cumulative number of health checks so far has reached 28,000.

Until now, the use of Lipet is free. However, we plan to switch to partial paid membership for members in the future.

A 35-year-old grandmother who raises a 9-year-old puppy said, “Every pet owner is concerned about their companion animal’s health, but as they get older, there are many diseases that occur.” .

CEO Kim said, “Current sales are at an insignificant level,” and “However, I expect the company to grow as the satisfaction with the service is high and the health care area is expanded.”

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