The four largest financial holding companies in Korea are the hidden midwives of the Korean Professional Golf Association (KPGA) Korean Tour. Men’s golf, which is relatively less popular than women’s golf, is held by all four major financial holding companies.스포츠토토 Player sponsorship is important, but providing a field is more helpful for activation.

The Woori Financial Group Championship, which ended with a 5-stroke band electrode by “Baby Bear” Im Seong-jae (25, CJ Logistics), proved how dynamic the competition held by the financial group is. KB Financial Group continues this momentum.

KB will hold the KB Financial Live Championship (total prize money of 700 million won) at Blackstone Icheon Golf Club (par 72, 7270 yards) from the 25th. The competition was founded in 2018 and was held every year except for 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic was a global pandemic. The KB Financial Live Championship has a unique tradition. It is the point that the former champion won the come-from-behind victory on the final day. Maeng Dong-seop (36, BRIC), the first winner, achieved a come-from-behind victory by one stroke, and Seo Hyung-seok (26) overturned his inferiority by three strokes and lifted the trophy. In 2021, Kyung-jun Moon (41, NH Nonghyup Bank) and Ji-ho Yang last year also enjoyed the joy of winning with dramatic reverse electrodes.

The most anticipated players are ‘long hitter’ Jeong Chan-min (24, CJ) and Yang grass strongman Baek Seok-hyun (33, Husem). As of the 24th, Jeong Chan-min is maintaining the first place with Genesis points (1548) and prize money (344,922,000 won). Since he failed to pass the cutoff at the SK Telecom Open, he may give up the lead position depending on the results of this tournament. Armed with an exciting long shot, Jeong Chan-min learned that “golf is not distance, but patience” by playing a round with ‘Legend’ Choi Kyung-ju at the SK Telecom Open. Eyes are focused on whether the result will be revealed.

Baek Seok-hyun, who drew attention with the ‘trophy for his wife’, also challenges to win the second consecutive tournament with strong confidence. He said, “Black Stone GC is a sheep grass, so I think I can shoot with confidence. He is confident that he will do his best to win the championship, even if it is to achieve his dream of becoming a great player who consistently produces good results, not a player who disappears after winning one game.” Baek Seok-hyun, who became the center of attention with his ‘no-look putt’, predicted (?) a transformation, saying, “I will make my own putt with a broom stick that meets the rules.”

It is also a matter of interest whether Yang Ji-ho (34, PTC), who won his first championship trophy in his arms after 133 tournaments thanks to his wife’s recommendation, “Let’s safely cut it with an iron,” will defend his title. Yang Ji-ho, who won the championship 15 years after his Korean Tour debut, lifted the trophy on the last hole (par 5) of the final round with the cold-hearted advice of his wife and caddy Kim Yoo-jung, creating the ‘2022 season’s best Korean Tour scene’.

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