It is said that a mountain village in Jecheon, North Chungcheong Province is infested with swarms of flies that have never been seen before. We tracked it down and found that someone had dumped over 700 tons of livestock waste in the middle of the mountain and left it unattended.

Close camera reporter Lee Sang-yeop covered who did that.


This is a mountain village in Jecheon, North Chungcheong Province.

A fly is stuck on a sticky stick.

I saw how many flies there were.

This happened in just a few days.

Flies also flock to the press vehicle.

The same goes for filming equipment.

[Kim Dong-rye/Village resident: Paris is bustling. {Right now, even on my mother’s face… } When I come out in the morning, they all stick to me.]

It was around May of this year that swarms of flies began to flock to this place where about 20 households live.

[Village head: One day, flies suddenly started appearing. What is this? This is a clean area with fireflies… ]

The residents didn’t know the reason at first either.

The reporters followed the traces of Paris.

I entered the mountain.

Pig waste piled up like a mountain where the land was dug.

The excavator stopped working and the shovels and gloves were left untouched먹튀검증.

Pig waste mixes with rainwater and floats down the mountain to the village.

Someone dumped excrement in the mountains and left it there.

I took a copy of the register of this land.

The owner of the land, who runs a cargo transportation business, came out about 20 minutes away from the site.

I met him in person.

[Mr. Park/Business owner (land owner): { I’m from JTBC .} Isn’t it polite to at least make a phone call? Manners. {Then should we just go back?} No. Talk about it. You came, but why are you going?]

Mr. Park bought the land in 2020, three years ago.

He has been dumping waste from pigs, cows, and chickens since November of last year, saying he was making fertilizer.

[Mr. Park/Businessman (Land Owner): In winter, the waste should go to the field. It’s snowing… It was used as temporary outdoor decoration.]

We reported to the local government that we would place 11 tons of excrement.

However, 700 tons were thrown away.

[Jecheon City Hall Agricultural Policy Department: It should have been completely packaged (covered with plastic) to prevent odor, but it was not done and left unattended.] The

local government has not visited the site even once for ten months.

As complaints continued, we confirmed the facts last month and reported the land owner to the police.

Residents also filed complaints with government agencies.

[Ministry of Environment: Local governments have the authority to license or inspect livestock waste discharge facilities… ]

The mountain is polluted and even the village is threatened, but they say they have no authority because it is livestock waste.

Other places also just ordered jurisdiction.

[Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs: Upon review, it may not be (under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs). I once asked Jecheon City exactly… ]

When the coverage began, Mr. Park admitted his mistake.

[Mr. Park/Businessman (Land Owner): You can’t go in wearing boots. It’s getting to this point… {I went in wearing boots today.} {Then when are you going to clean it all up?} Within this month.] While

government ministries are passing on responsibility, the mountains have been irreparably damaged.

The local government belatedly told us to remove the waste, but nothing changed.

This is Lee Sang-yeop from Close Camera.

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