With the arrival of new head coach Seong Kang, everything is expected to change.

In an interview with The Athletic on the 20th (Korean time), new Houston coach Ime Udoka threw a strong message to the Young Gun players.

This is a team that finished last season with a record of 22 wins and 60 losses. The defensive rating was only 29th out of 30 teams, so the players were focused on offense. Young-gun players such as Jaylen Green and Kevin Porter Jr. continued to have controversy over their work ethic.

In the end, Houston changed the manager to refresh the atmosphere after the season. Former coach Stephen Silas was a famous virtuoso in the league. He sacked him and recruited coach Imei Udoka, who has a completely different personality.

Coach Udoka led the team to runner-up as soon as he took over as manager of the Boston Celtics in 2021. The tendency is very strong. It is a style that speaks directly to the players in a strong tone. The most important virtue is defense. Everything is the exact opposite of the previous manager.

In an interview with The Athletic, coach Udoka said, “What I am talking about is certain. It is true that they are young, but they are old people who have played basketball. I will have to learn quickly and adapt quickly to what I am trying to do.”스포츠토토

He said, “I will tell the players as they are without a single lie about defense. It is true that we are a young team. But the more you do, the faster you run and the smarter you play basketball. Mobility is a plus. We don’t have to be stupid because we’re young. We will have to adapt to the pace and use our strengths well.”

Coach Udoka said, “Last season was ‘you once, me once’ in offense. This season, as a team, we need to show a fused offense. Young players have aspirations and play with purpose. There will also be personal achievements. But we have to succeed as a team. I will push them to the extreme and bring out the maximum. It draws out individual abilities, but in the end it has to end as a team.”

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