Doosan Bears rookie pitcher Kim Yu-seong (21), who agreed with a victim of school violence, accompanied the 1st team on their expedition to Daegu.

Doosan called Kim Yu-seong to the Samsung Lions in Daegu starting on the 25th in a three-week away game. It is not yet officially registered for the first group entry. He plans to train with the 1st group and check his current physical condition and position.

Manager Lee Seung-yeop explained, “I was originally looking at the day of the mound. I tried to check the condition because the pitching staff was injured, but today (25th) the game was canceled, so I will have to check it again tomorrow.”

Kim Yu-seong was nominated for the first time by the NC Dinos in the 2021 rookie draft when he was in Kimhae High School, but his history of school violence during his middle school days surfaced. In the end, NC withdrew the first nomination, and Yuseong Kim went on to Korea University. Later, Kim Yu-seong, who participated in the 2023 rookie draft again as an early draft in his sophomore year at Korea University, was nominated by the Doosan Bears (19th overall in the second round).

Kim Yu-seong, who was followed by the label of school violence controversy even after his joining, recently concluded an amicable agreement with the victim. Coach Lee said, “Among the players in Futures, I’m in the best condition. I think it’s a good timing because I judged that the victim and the student were resolved amicably. Kim Yu-seong is also reflecting a lot, so I think it’s time to play baseball.” kindly expressed his position.

Coach Lee said in an interview on the 21st that he would be called up if a report came up saying that Kim Yu-seong has become capable enough to succeed in the 1st division in the 2nd division. Director Lee said, “The report from the coaching staff in the 2nd team was good. I received a report that it was a pitch that could play in the 1st team. It was a prerequisite for Kim Yoo-seong to play in the 1st team to solve it perfectly with the victim.” , a mature person, and a true professional,” he said.안전놀이터

On the other hand, Kim Yoo-seong has pitched in 3 Futures League games and is recording 1 win, undefeated, and ERA of 2.77. Coach Lee expressed his expectation that even if Kim Yu-seong does not play in the game right away, just watching the game from the dugout while accompanying the team will be a good study.

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