KIA Eui-ri Lee (21) and Lotte Kim Jin-wook (21), a new left-handed duo expected to lead the future of Korean baseball, stood on the stage of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics wearing the Taegeuk mark. If they grow as expected, they had the potential to grow into the best left-handed duo since Kim Gwang-hyeon (35) and Yang Hyeon-jong (35) of the same age.

However, after the Tokyo Olympics, the fates of the two athletes were completely mixed. Eui-ri Lee won the Rookie of the Year title in 2021, and last year he recorded 10-10 with an ERA of 3.86 in 154 innings in 29 games (28 starts). He confidently leaped to become a pitcher with 10 wins in regulation innings and began a leap forward to become a left-handed starter responsible for the future. And the World Baseball Classic (WBC) team to be held in March was selected.

On the other hand, Kim Jin-wook wandered around last year, unable to establish himself as a starter or bullpen. He went 2-5 with an ERA of 6.36 in 14 games 토토사이트 (12 starts). In the finishing camp, coach Bae Young-soo focused on completing homework after receiving assignments such as correcting his pitching form and pitching at a fast tempo. And while going to the Australian Professional Baseball (ABL) Geelong Korea dispatch, supplementary classes are in progress.

Currently in Australia, he has appeared in two matches. On December 30 last year, he started against the Sydney Bluesox and collapsed with 8 hits (1 home run), 1 walk, 1 walk and 8 runs in 2 innings. Both restraint and restraint were shaken. 

However, in his second appearance against the Perth Heat, he recorded 6 hits (1 home run), 2 walks, 1 walk, 3 strikeouts and 3 runs in 5 innings. He had bad news such as defensive anxiety, but he did the minimum as a starting pitcher. Still, on this day, the ball was formed relatively near the strike zone, and he quickly competed with the batters with a fast-tempo pitch. Even with a favorable count, he tried to see the result quickly by throwing the ball into the strike zone, and this method worked. 

Anyway, it seems that he is growing step by step, but if the motive that he was expected to be together with is far ahead, of course there is no choice but to be psychologically fluctuated. Pitching coach Bae Young-soo stimulated Kim Jin-wook’s desire to compete and come. Before the dispatch to Australia, during the finishing camp, pitching coach Bae Young-soo threw a word at Jin-wook Kim, “Aren’t you envious?” Kim Jin-wook replied, “Of course I’m envious.” 

Kim Jin-wook said, “(Loyalty) is a pitcher who won 10 wins. Of course, I envy him. I got such good results because he did well.” I think it’s good to receive it. It motivates me a lot.”

Perhaps, comparisons will follow Eui-ri Lee and Jin-wook Kim throughout their careers. It would be nice to think of the future of Korean baseball as growing together, but the world and destiny don’t easily provide a good scenario for everyone. Can Kim Jin-wook, who is currently hesitating, create a 2023 season that shows his true value using the stimulation and motivation he received this winter as a stepping stone?

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