“I was told to remove the cucumber, but I put it in. Please read my request” This was posted in a review of a delivery app for a snack bar in Dongjak-gu, Seoul. In response to this review, the store owner commented, “I am so very sorry (sorry). I made a big mistake (I did). From now on, I will be careful again (I will be careful). I am very sorry,” he wrote. It is said that this ‘boss’s comment’, which is full of expressions of apology despite poor spelling, is written by an elderly couple with difficulty entering each character.

On the 24th, a photo was uploaded on online communities and social media with the title, “It hurts when I see Baemin’s review and the boss looks older.” An elderly couple who have been running ‘Daebak Bunsik’ near Exit 3 of Noryangjin Station in Dongjak-gu, Seoul for over 20 years are the main characters of ‘President’s Comment’.

Based on the price of Naver Place, this snack food restaurant, which sells pork stir-fry and soybean paste stew set for 5,000 won, chicken for 8,000 won, kimchi fried rice for 5,000 won, and gimbap for 3,000 won, is open from 11:00 am to 3:00 am and takes orders from delivery apps such as Baedal Minjok.

The delivery rating of this restaurant is high at 4.7 to 5 points, but in the review, complaints about the food or delivery were posted. The elderly couple did not ignore these reviews and commented on each one. A customer who ordered naengmyeon said, “There is no broth in the naengmyeon먹튀검증, and the noodles are all blown. Let’s say that the disappointment is too great, the store owner said, ” I’m so sorry (I’m sorry). Next time, I will give you only broth (I will give you a lot) ”, he replied.

The store owner continued to comment on this review and said, “ Are you not ordering again? I’ll give you one more menu (menu) that you (I) want, and I’ll be sure to talk to you next time (I want to). Only then can I (I) pray (remember). I was so sorry (sorry) ” he wrote. It wasn’t enough to offer a sincere apology to the customer, so he conveyed his desire to give the customer free food with his next order.

The store owner, of course, responded to the review with a good evaluation of the food. One customer said, “There are too many noodles, so I think I can reduce the amount of noodles with my aunt’s affection. Thanks to that, I ate deliciously and happily . ” I know you wrote a very good review. Tears rolled around (circled). In the future, I will be grateful and grateful (thank you) if you give me (a lot) help (from many people) .”

A review that said they were surprised by the taste and amount of noodles said, “I’m depressed these days (but) Joeun (good) Thank you for the review and thank you (thank you). In the future, I will make delicious food (delicious) and give only (a lot) amount. Even if there are some mistakes, please take good care of me.”

As this ‘boss’ comment’ spread through the online community, netizens showed reactions such as “My heart hurts for the old couple boss”, “Tears welled up while reading the review”, “The boss’s heart is conveyed so well” and “I want to give you money”. One netizen said, “The world is changing too fast, and there are elderly people who find it difficult to keep up with the changes. I wish I could treat (elderly people) with a more relaxed and warm heart.”

Since the store is run by an elderly couple, they say that the elderly couple get flustered when orders pile up, and that they had difficulty setting menu prices and delivery fees because they were not good at using a delivery app. In August of last year, a netizen who appeared to be a snack shop employee asked, “Grandma is doing (food) alone, so please wait with a bit of understanding,” and “If you can’t wait, you can cancel.” In a phone call with Chosun.com, a snack bar official said, “We are having a busy day as orders continue to come in even after 2pm today.”

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