If you predicted that ‘genius shortstop’ Kim Jae-ho (38) would enter the shortstop position bloodlessly this season, it would be a big mistake. This is because career has no meaning in Lee Seung-ho’s competition for a position. In the eyes of director Lee Seung-yeop, everyone is just a desperate applicant who participated in the audition. 

Manager Lee Seung-yeop, whom we met in an exhibition game against KT held at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 20th, said, “We have yet to decide on the starting shortstop. All three candidates are stubborn,” he confessed his concerns about the shortstop position. 

Doosan began searching for a successor from last year’s finish camp as the free agent contract period for Dynasty shortstop Kim Jae-ho expired this year. Ahn Jae-seok, who was nominated for the first time as an infielder in 17 years after Kim Jae-ho (2004) in 2021, and Yoo-chan Lee, who was discharged last year, were nominated as candidates, and coach Cho Seong-hwan, who received the direction of the team, helped improve their defense at the Australian spring camp. It took a lot of effort. 

Coach Lee Seung-yeop held an audition for the starting shortstop with the opening of the exhibition game. Right now, I don’t have a particular favorite player. Ahn Jae-seok is still in sluggishness with an unstable defense and a batting average of 1.8 0.2 (2 hits in 11 bats) in 6 exhibition games, and Lee Yu-chan’s batting average in 7 games is also stuck at 20.00 (3 hits in 15 bats). It is true that both players lack the weight to be the starting shortstop for a team. 

Director Lee said, “If you have the idea of ​​becoming a main player, you have to be greedy and show more. Since the leader cannot directly play, he can only play a role of encouragement. I just support them from the side so that they can play well.”

Veteran Kim Jae-ho is no exception. He, too, was only a participant in the audition, and he himself expressed his will to make a comeback at the Australian spring camp, saying, “I want to become a player who is applauded by fans again.” Director Lee said, “Kim Jae-ho, Ahn Jae-seok, and Lee Yu-chan all don’t fit my surname. It’s all a pity,” he said with strength, “to play as a shortstop in professional baseball, you must have a part that is superior to other players among speed, offense, and defense. In my eyes, everything is lacking.” 

The command tower plans to decide the starting shortstop somehow through the remaining seven games, even if it is difficult. Director Lee said,스포츠토토 “Kim Jae-ho is a veteran with a lot of achievements, and Lee Yu-chan and Ahn Jae-seok have excellent potential. The two people who did not pass the competition have no choice but to regret it.” There is no choice but to be a pro because it is a world of competition. I will do my best to judge for the rest of the trial period.” 

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