Bang Sin-sil (19), who is most loved on the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour this season, embraced the trophy in her arms after 5 matches in her tour debut. On the 28th, when the final round of the E1 Charity Open was held, at Seongmunan CC in Wonju, Gangwon Province, over 2,000 fans watched Bang Shin-sil win the championship on the spot despite heavy rain on the day. Bang Sin-sil said, “It’s really good to get a full seed” as a feeling of winning.

It would be natural. After receiving a report card of 40th place in last year’s seed match, he can now compete in all competitions in a situation where he can only compete in around 10 KLPGA tour events this season. Bang Shin-sil will not be able to participate in the Lotte Open, which she received applications for before winning the championship, but will participate in all competitions as a full-seeder, starting with the Celltrion Queen’s Masters, which will be held from June 9th.

● Bang Shin-sil, shakes up the KLPGA tour this seasonBang Shin-sil’s victory is expected to shake the KLPGA Tour’s game this season more than she thought of simply ‘getting a full seed’. Bang Shin-sil qualified for the rankings in the individual title category this season by winning the E1 Charity Open. In order to be listed on the individual title rankings, you need to participate in at least 50% of all tour events, and Bang Shin-sil won the E1 Charity Open, which was the 10th tournament this season and Bang Shin-sil’s 5th participation, so he qualified. Since participation in competitions will continue in the future, we will be able to continue competing for rankings.

As of the 30th, Bang Shin-sil has participated in 5 competitions and has succeeded in entering the top 5 three times including winning. Even in the ‘conditional seed’ qualification, the points collected are quite good. After winning the E1 Charity Open, Bang Shin-sil climbed to 6th place with 146 points. The prize money was also 278.89 million won, ranking 6th. Bang Shin-sil is the first to exceed 200 million won in prize money in five competitions. Considering the current shooting feel of the Bangshinsil, officials predict that the Bangshinsil will make the competition more fierce in this sector.

Bang Shin-sil is also making a big impact on scores and techniques. Bang Shin-sil took first place in the average at-bats (lowest at-bats) category, which any KLPGA tour player dreams of. In the meantime, Park Ji-young (27) maintained the lead in this category, but Bang Shin-sil overtook Park Ji-young. The average number of birdies, birdie rate, and par break rate were also topped by Park Ji-young, who gave way to Bang Sin-sil in all of them.

It is not surprising that Bang Shin-sil, who is well known for his overwhelming long hits, ranks first in drive average distance. Usually long hitters are known to be less sophisticated, but Bang Shin-sil has the highest green hit rate. He sends drives away and puts them on the green with fine iron shots. Bang Shin-sil also ranks first in the iron shot index, which shows this indicator.

● Bangshinsil, which went beyond the Rookie of the Year competition and even encouraged competition among sponsorsBang Sin-sil, who debuted on the KLPGA tour this season, is expected to change the rookie competition. With the appearance of the room, it is said that the rookies are very nervous this season. Since the rookie award is an award that can only be received once in a lifetime, all players aim for the rookie award as they debut on the KLPGA tour. Lee Ye-won (20), who became Rookie of the Year last year, even said, “My biggest goal in my rookie season was to be Rookie of the Year.”

Rookie award points are given differently depending on the size of the competition and ranking. The total prize money of the E1 Charity Open, which Bang Shin-sil won, was 900 million won, so Bang Shin-sil took 270 points. In addition, since even a small amount of Rookie of the Year points can be given just by passing the cut, Bang Shin-sil added up the points accumulated so far and rose to third place with 651 points. It is a 31-point difference from Hwang Yoo-min (20) in second place and a 150-point difference from Kim Min-byeol (19) in first place.

Rookies competed with sponsors as well. Hite Jinro and KB Financial Group are the main characters. As Jeon In-ji (29), who is active on the LPGA tour, moved to KB Financial Group after being sponsored by Hite Jinro, the relationship between the two companies in the golf world has been going on for a long time.

It was the same last year too. Hite Jinro sponsors one or two players every season, but it is already recognized in the golf world that it is good at excavating players with good skills. Hite Jinro sponsored Yuna Ina (20) last year, and she was disciplined for playing wrongly. In a situation where Yoon Ina was missing, she became the rookie of the year by surpassing 3000 points alone with Yewon Lee, who is sponsored by KB Financial Group. Even though Yoon Ina dropped out of the tour due to a misleading play, she finished 8th with 1412 points and was the only rookie to win the championship last season.스포츠토토

As Bang Shin-sil won, she even made a competition for sponsors. Kim Min-byul, who was solidifying her solo performance this season, is sponsored by Hite Jinro. However, as Bang Shin-sil, sponsored by KB Financial Group, joined, the two companies will face off on the KLPGA tour this season as well. Bang Shin-sil had his signature half-moon smile and said that he was just happy to get a full seed, but did he know that his victory brought about such a big change? The golf world is paying great attention to what kind of huge typhoon Bang Shin-sil’s victory will be.

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