Kim Byung-hyun, a former major leaguer, has signed an exclusive contract with EL Park.

On the 25th, EL Park said, “I am happy to be with Kim Byung-hyun. We will not spare full support so that Kim Byung-hyun, who has become a member of the family, can perform more vigorously. Please pay a lot of attention to Kim Byung-hyun, who will take a new step with EL Park in the future.”

Kim Byung-hyun is a former baseball player who played in professional baseball leagues in 5 countries: Arizona Diamondbacks, Colorado Rockies, Florida Marlins, Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles and Kia Tigers. Above all, Kim Byung-hyun is the first Korean and first Asian major leaguer to win the World Series in the National League.

After his retirement, he was active as a baseball commentator, and he stood out as a spotter by appearing in programs such as ‘Broadcasting on Favoritism’, ‘To live together’, ‘Trot National Sports Festival’, and ‘Stop Soccer and Baseball’. Accordingly, the 2019 MBC Entertainment Awards Popularity Award, the 2021 KBS Entertainment Awards Reality Division Best Entertainer Award, the 2022 KBS Entertainment Awards Reality Division Excellence Award, and the 2022 MBC Entertainment Awards Best Teamwork Award, celebrating the second heyday. did.

In addition to professional baseball programs such as ‘Tomorrow’s Baseball King’ and ‘Cheongjun Baseball Team: Not Out yet’, as well as appearing in ‘It’s Glad You Don’t Fight’ and ‘The Boss Ears Donkey Ears’, viewers are delighted with their pleasant side in programs of various genres. Kim Byung-hyun, who captivated and established himself as an ‘all-around sporttainer’. Attention is focusing on how Kim Byung-hyun, who is active in various fields by catching both baseball and broadcasting at once, will join hands with EL Park.안전놀이터

EL Park, which signed an exclusive contract with Kim Byung-hyun, is an affiliate of EL Group, a comprehensive entertainment media company. Through the expansion of the entertainment business headquarters along with the management business headquarters, where many actors belong, we are focusing on strategic linkage between the establishment of infrastructure and content production, such as spottainers, influencers, and wow influencers. As such, we are working on systematic management to strengthen the capabilities of creators with expertise in each field.

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