Kyunghee University coach Kim Hyeon-guk promised to win against Hanyang University.

Kyung Hee University overcame Myongji University’s tenacious pursuit by winning 66-57 in the 39th MBC National College Basketball Division 1 Men’s University Group B Preliminary Match held at Sangju Gymnasium on the 14th. Kyunghee University, which struggled to report its first victory in the tournament, recorded a record of 1 win and 1 loss in the preliminaries


Manager Kim Hyeon-guk, whom we met after the game, said먹튀검증, “It’s good to win, but I thought the players came in after preparing a lot. But in the first half and the second half, they played as if they had already won. Even after losing one, he was not ready for the game. It was wrong for the players to show that way, and I am also reflecting on it,” he said in a general review of the game that day.

Kyung Hee University failed to make use of an easy scoring opportunity that day.

Manager Kim said, “I think I missed about 15 shots under the goal. I can’t put it in, but after that, I allowed the opponent to take too easy a shot. He pointed out the complacent attitude of the players, saying, “I wasn’t ready on defense, and the backcourt wasn’t good either.”

Even though it was a difficult match, it was thanks to Woo Sang-hyun’s performance that he was able to secure victory. Sang-Hyun Woo showed steady attack power and became the number one contributor to the team’s victory.

However, he didn’t seem to be satisfied with coach Kim.

He said, “(Woo) Sang-hyun scored a lot, and it is true that he worked hard. However, he could not maintain good tension to the end. The same goes for shooting. His skills are improving, and he is also moving as a forward. It will get better if you only shoot forward. I received a T-foul during today’s game, which is disappointing as a player. He expressed his desire, saying, “I want to show more of him abandoning that part and doing it to the end.”

He also did not forget to talk about freshman Kim Soo-oh.

“I was upset after the first half. (Kim) Suo says, ‘Don’t try to score a goal, slow down the tempo and shoot’. I am talking about throwing a shot from the correct position because the balance is disturbed. In terms of height, Suo occupies a large portion. Fortunately, he worked hard on the rebound in the second half and blocked Harry Gun well when it was important.” These are the words of director Kim Hyunguk.

Kyung Hee University will play against Hanyang University, the final opponent of the preliminaries, for second place in the group. Director Kim, who turned his attention to the confrontation with Hanyang University, said, “We must win unconditionally. He thinks it is a process of preparing for the tournament now. It was difficult, but today’s game could be the medicine. If you control the movements of opponent big men Shin Ji-won and Kim Joo-hyung, you will have a better match. The offensive power is improving, so if you take it equally in rebounding, you will be able to see the game.” He made rebounding the key point.

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