The dawn of Korean men’s golf is dwelling. With the appearance of Jo Woo-young, who won the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour as an amateur for the first time in 10 years.

Cho Woo-young (22) recorded a 5 under par 67 in the final round of the Korean Tour Golf Zone Open held at Jeju Golfzon County Ora on the 23rd, catching 4 birdies (1 bogey) following an eagle.

With this, Cho Woo-young, who recorded a final total of 8 under par 280 strokes, tasted the excitement of winning the first division tour for the first time in his life, comfortably beating his runner-up Kim Dong-min (-4).

It is the first time for an amateur player to win on the Korean Tour since Lee Chang-woo, who lifted the trophy at the Dongbu Fire Promy Open in September 2013, 10 years ago.

However, Jo Woo-young, who is currently attending Korea National University of Physical Education, cannot receive the championship prize because he is still an amateur. Therefore, his prize money of 140 million won goes to Kim Dong-min, who is in second place.

Regardless of the prize money, Jo Woo-young’s appearance is a great harvest for men’s golf.

Originally, Cho Woo-young was selected as a representative for the Hangzhou Asian Games scheduled to be held last year and was scheduled to participate, but due to the aftermath of Corona 19, the tournament was postponed for a year, which also delayed his professional turn.

However, he is Jo Woo-young, who was evaluated as ‘real’ as much as his skills. Cho Woo-young won the Srixon Tour, the second part of the KPGA tour last month, and after refining his skills, he climbed to the top once again after his first appearance in the first part of the tour this season, and is continuing his unprofessional performance.

It is no exaggeration to say that the skill and composure that Cho Woo-young showed in this competition heralded a rosy future.

Cho Woo-young, who faced the final round in 3rd place, one stroke behind the lead, wrote an eagle on the 6th hole (par 5). What was more surprising than the eagle was that the second shot almost scored an albatross (-3), which is rarely seen, as it stuck right next to the hole cup.

Cho Woo-young, who continued to reduce the number of strokes while his competitors were losing strokes, did not lose focus even after his rise to the top, and his overwhelming skills made it impossible to find the tension as if it was the final round.

In an interview after winning the championship, Cho Woo-young said, “Before participating in the Hangzhou Asian Games, I participated in the competition with the idea of ​​improving my skills. I am even more happy because it is an unexpected victory.” He was able to score an eagle on the 6th hole (par 5) and widen the difference in number of strokes with the 2nd place group.”

Cho Woo-young said that his strength was ‘consistency’. Regarding this, he said, “I try not to play that does not break myself. And I think the mindset of not giving up is my strong point. I think this kind of mentality led to the victory,” he said confidently.

Now, Jo Woo-young’s eyes are on the Asian Games to be held in September. In Korean men’s golf, Kim Kyung-tae and Kim Min-hui succeeded in winning two consecutive victories in the 2006 and 2010 Asian Games men’s golf individual events, but have only won silver medals in two consecutive tournaments.

Cho Woo-young said, “When he heard that the Asian Games were postponed, he was very frustrated. Last year was the most difficult time in my golfing life. I agonized over whether to catch a goal that is in front of me or a goal that I cannot see right now but is far away. I made a promise to ‘Let’s believe in myself’ and I was able to hold the golf club again.” He said, “I am confident in the Asian Games. He also talks a lot with Jang Yu-bin, who competes with him. Since I am still an amateur, I think I haven’t shown a chance to prove my skills to many people. I want to aim for the gold medal in the individual event as well as the team event.”

Regarding future plans,토스카지노 Jo Woo-young said, “The goal was to secure a seed for next year’s Korean Tour by accumulating points on the Srixon Tour before winning. The goal is to become competitive by participating in as many overseas matches as possible, such as the Asian Tour, before participating in the Asian Games.”

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