Q . The number of confirmed cases of Corona 19 has returned to an increase in 15 weeks. Is there any possibility of recurrence? Can I prevent it if I get hit by the 4th booster shot?

[E-Daily Reporter Lee Ji-hyun] Corona 19 confirmed cases recorded 14,570 as of the 21st. Considering that there are 17,228 confirmed cases as of 0:00 on Monday last week, it seems to be slowing down again.

In fact, the weekly average daily number of corona new confirmed cases in the 3rd week of August was 41,000, a decrease of 16.4% from 49,000 the previous week. The infection reproduction index also fell below 1. The infection reproduction index, which indicates how many people one confirmed person infects, is interpreted as the spread trend when it is greater than 1.

Jeong Ki-seok, chairman of the National Infectious Disease Crisis Response Advisory Committee, said, “Since the transition to full daily life in June, concerns about a resurgence of infectious diseases are emerging again, such as the increase in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases during the first vacation season and summer vacation, when there is a lot of movement.” Based on the medical response system established so far, it is being managed at an acceptable level.”

A recent concern is the currently circulating XBB family of mutant viruses먹튀검증. In the United States, EG.5 , a submutation of XBB.1.9.2 , has already established itself as the dominant species, and in Korea, the detection rate of EG.5 ( XBB. ) has risen to 20.3% as of the second week of August. EG.5 is likely to become the dominant species in Korea as well . In addition, BA.2.86 , which the World Health Organization ( WHO ) newly added to the monitoring target on the 18th, is also a risk factor. A submutation of BA.2 , an Omicron variant, nicknamed Pirola . The number of mutations in the spike protein is about 30 more than BA.2 . Spike protein is a weapon used when the Corona 19 virus infiltrates the human body. It has currently been reported in Israel, Denmark and the United States, but it seems that it is only a matter of time before it spreads around the world in a situation where overseas travel is active.

Corona 19 still requires attention as it increases the mortality rate of high-risk groups such as the elderly and those with underlying diseases. In order to prepare for this, personal defense is the first. It is also necessary to wash your hands thoroughly after going out and use a mask in crowded places.

The quarantine authorities plan to build additional immunity through vaccination from October. Kwon Geun- yong , head of the Vaccination Planning Department at the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, explained,

“Now, we have to get regular vaccination every year without the concept of basic vaccination or additional vaccination.” I did. At this time, it will be carried out regardless of infection history or vaccination. Director Kwon added, “The immune effect will be doubled by adding natural infection immunity and vaccine immunity,” adding, “The level of defense is high and the period is long.” If you want a non-new, bivalent vaccine, this is also possible. As the additional vaccination during the winter season ended on April 7, the vaccination institution is currently being reduced in operation. Medical institutions where bivalent vaccination is available can receive guidance after verifying that they are the vaccinated person on the COVID-19 vaccination pre-booking website.

Meanwhile, the National Infectious Disease Crisis Response Advisory Committee held a plenary meeting on the 21st to review and consult with experts on how to convert COVID-19 into a grade 4 infectious disease and adjust quarantine policies. Chairman Jung Ki-seok emphasized, “Experts in each field will put their heads together to review risk factors that are uncertain but may occur from multiple angles, and actively support the establishment of quarantine policies based on reasonable grounds.” The results of the discussion will be discussed at the Corona 19 Central Accident Handling Headquarters meeting on the 23rd.

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