Why is Jeonbuk Hyundai on the brink?

Jeonbuk made a change in November 2019. With the arrival of the new CEO, the head of administration has changed.

The representative, carrying the weight of the Jeonbuk administrative head, declared efficient management. He was of the opinion that in addition to corporate sponsorship, self-sufficiency should be provided.

The representative of Jeonbuk has a tremendous experience of serving as the head of Hyundai Motor Company’s Sales Promotion Office and Regional Headquarters, as well as the head of the Sales Business Department, and has put forward the title of an expert in the field of marketing. There was a lot of expectation for efficient organizational operation.

However, the efficient management declared by Jeonbuk’s representative is rather counterproductive and not receiving support.

This is because it has a strong image of slimming down that is not understandable, rather than budget reduction that everyone can agree on.

As a task for Jeonbuk, generational change has been consistently mentioned. They also moved busily to create a prosperous forest while pruning trees.

This is clearly a necessary part. This is because laying the foundation for the future is not an option but a necessity. However, criticism is emerging that it is an indiscriminate squad arrangement rather than the nature of generational change. It was rather poisonous.

It is right to walk the path of separation for high-paid players who have less influence compared to before, but they have disposed of veterans who are still competitive.

Jeonbuk’s disposal of veterans is not avoiding suspicion that it is a simple reduction in body size. This is why there is a funny story that says,안전놀이터 ‘It is difficult to sign a multi-year contract if you are over 30 years old’.

Jeonbuk’s indiscriminate disposal of veterans also led to their performance. Due to the lack of proper reinforcement for the bleeding, there was a lack of resources to fill the gap caused by the line injury.

A prime example is the goalkeeper. Ahead of this season, after breaking up with veterans Song Bum-keun and Lee Beom-soo, he went on a blood transfusion. Right now, there are two people who are immediately responsible for power, Jung Min-ki and Kim Jeong-hoon.

In this situation, Jeong Min-gi was injured and withdrew from the force. If the worst situation arises when Kim Jung-hoon, who is currently seizing his chance, collapses due to an injury, he will have to use the rather uneasy method of youth call-up.

Most importantly, Jeonbuk’s strength was that a veteran equipped with winning DNA played a role as a mental support in a situation where the team was faltering, but now this effect is not felt.

The adverse effects of efficiency management, which Jeonbuk confidently proclaimed, reached the clubhouse, a place where players sweat.

Jeonbuk changed its relationship with suppliers from private contracts to competitive bidding in recent years. It is known that the company responsible for the clubhouse’s diet has also changed through this.

In light of the recent move of incomprehensible size reduction, a picture was drawn that can only be seen as focusing on cost reduction through competitive bidding in the name of efficiency management.

Regarding the quality of meals at the clubhouse in Jeonbuk, it is known that there are dissatisfied voices saying that the quality of the meals has dropped more drastically than before. This is probably a natural result since the focus was on cost reduction.

Cost reduction that prevents reckless spending is good. However, it is deplorable that even the diet, which is the basics of an athlete, served as a scapegoat for reducing body size under the justification of efficiency management.

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