Day One is greatly mistaken.

Recently, news related to Day One is hot. Rumors of the relocation of the place of origin, which started from Pohang, eventually appeared as a result of Busan being influential. The city of Busan did not deny it either.

Currently, the positions of Day One and Busan City are different. Day One hopes to sign an agreement with Busan City and sign a sponsorship contract after deciding on the location first. However, the city of Busan revealed its position that it would make an ointment agreement after the sponsor contract was decided.

It is quite possible for Day One to settle in Busan if they only differ in their positions and eventually find an agreement. Rumors that Day One will sign a naming sponsor contract with a company based in Busan and Gyeongnam are already spreading in the basketball world. Facts are important, but it is true that Day One itself is working hard to find companies.

Currently, the Day One team is in a serious situation. Salary payments are delayed for a long time. It’s not just a matter of paying salaries. There is a lot to be paid for all the involved companies who played the 2022-23 season with them during their Carrot days. It is an issue that has not yet been resolved.

It is calculated that if the sponsor contract is signed and the settlement of the hometown is completed, the financial problems can be sufficiently resolved. If so, the worst situation of the 9 club system can also be prevented.

There is just one thing I forgot. The part that everyone missed from the last Orion to Day One is to convey a message of sorry and apology to Goyang fans.

Orion settled in Goyang after the ‘Night Runaway’ incident in Daegu, but left without a word of apology to the fans in the process of selling the club to Day One. And even Day One quickly forgot the Goyang fans who supported them until the end, and stood at the center of the rumor that Pohang and Busan were relocating. Even turned out to be a fact.스포츠토토

Day One was not manly. Goyang fans are the fans who provided all sorts of support throughout the playoff period, from coffee to chicken to lunch boxes, for them who were struggling with financial difficulties in the 2022-23 season. My gratitude to them was short-lived. They are moving forward with no apology.

Professional sports have no reason to exist without fans. Goyang fans were the ones who supported and protected Day One, which was unable to function as a professional team due to the club’s financial difficulties. But now I don’t even look at the new family.

Can Goyang fans understand Day One’s appearance? Can Busan basketball fans, who lost their way as kt left for Suwon, really welcome Day 1’s past? It is a difficult thing to understand easily.

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