The press conference of Ahn Ik-soo, coach of FC Seoul, who is called the philosopher on the ground, is different from the press conference of ordinary coaches.

If it is normal to talk about the game that day, what went well and what to improve in the future, coach Ahn Ik-soo’s press conference always contains ‘words’ and ‘topics’.

At the press conference for the victory against Suwon FC, coach Ahn Ik-soo gave an unusual answer. When asked how he felt about rising to second place in the league, manager Ahn said as follows.

“It was clear that the brand FC Seoul had not been able to prove its value in an incongruent position before. This year, while developing the brand FC Seoul and expressing the best practices of Korean soccer within it, Seoul is trying to deliver a positive message to society as a whole . I hope we can develop as a team .”

Instead of general statements such as ‘I will win the next match’ and ‘I will move forward for the championship’, Ahn gave a higher-level answer, “I will develop into a team that delivers a positive message to society as a whole.”

A professional soccer team sending a positive message to society at large? I asked director Ahn Ik-soo for an interpretation of this answer.
(This is the first time the word ‘G7’ has been mentioned in an interview with a football coach.)

“I think there is a small society in this 105M x 68M ground. Most countries with developed sports are included in the G7 countries. To say that there is… Well, trying to find it again when you lose the ball seems to be ‘responsibility’, assisting seems to be ‘consideration’ for the opponent, and the appearance of becoming one for victory is the ‘responsibility’ of the social community. I think it’s ‘cooperation’. This seems to be the direction FC Seoul is aiming for. Isn’t the role of FC Seoul to give a small resonance to society like this, and thereby make a healthy society and enable the country to develop?”

What is the reaction of the players who listen to coach Ahn’s philosophy lecture (?) every day?

Na Sang-ho, who cracked an egg and regained his offensive instincts under coach Ahn Ik-soo, said, “I think the director really reads a lot. I can feel it in every single word choice. But the director is a good person… but personally, I think he is a ‘Nojam’ person. I do…” He said honestly.

Head coach Ahn Ik-soo welcomed the bold remarks of the players, and said that he would work hard for ‘fun’ from now on.

“I think the players’ expression (no fun) is also a very positive part, and I will try to make improvements. I heard that it is no fun… I will try to find improvements in my own way and make it fun. (What kind of effort to have fun?) You should always ‘listen’.먹튀검증

Director Ahn Ik-soo is reborn as a father-like director by taking off his image as a tiger director.

Even though he himself is ‘no fun’, he is determined to raise the brand of FC Seoul once again with ‘fun’ offensive football that is down to the highest scoring team (21 goals in 10 games).

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