Mauricio Pochettino (51), the gift of Son Heung-min (30), is heading to Tottenham Hotspur rival Chelsea.

British Sky Sports and Talk Sports reported on the 27th that “Chelsea is close to signing Pochettino.”

Chelsea brought in Graham Porter, the head of Brighton and Hove Albion, after the sacking of Thomas Tuchel in September last year. He succeeded in reaching the quarter-finals of the Champions League, but continued to die in the Premier League. Eventually, Porter was cut in the last two days and blue-hearted Frank Lampard took over as manager until the end of the season. Still wandering though. Under the Lampard system, he fell into a 5-game losing streak.

So far, many chiefs have been mentioned as candidates for the Chelsea managerial post. Including Pochettino, only Luis Enrique and Julian Nagels were named. Among them, it was reported that Pochettino was the most influential.

According to Sky Sports, a formal contract has not yet been signed, but negotiations are positive. An official announcement is likely next week. Talk Sports also confirmed that Chelsea had reached a verbal agreement with Pochettino.안전놀이터

There is no change of manager during the course. Even if Chelsea announces the signing of Pochettino next week, the Lampard system will continue until the end of this season.

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