Today (2nd), the UV index will show a ‘very high’ level due to strong sunlight먹튀검증.

The Korea Meteorological Administration predicted that the UV index would show a very high level in most areas of the country from 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm on this day.

Very high is the degree to which skin burns can occur within a few tens of minutes when exposed to sunlight.

If possible, avoid going out and stay indoors or in the shade. If you must go outside, wear long sleeves, wear a hat or sunglasses, and apply sunscreen.

The UV index will drop from high to normal after 3pm.

The highest temperature during the day was predicted to be between 32 and 36 degrees.

By region, it is 34 in Seoul, 32 in Incheon, 34 in Chuncheon, 36 in Gangneung, 35 in Daejeon, 35 in Daegu, 35 in Jeonju, 35 in Gwangju, 33 in Busan, and 34 in Jeju.

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