Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 on the 14th, when Kim Eun-joong was ahead of ‘Golden Homecoming’. Looking at the entrance of the arrival hall, waiting for the arrival of the under-20 (U-20) national team, everyone’s eyes were turned to one side. It was Park Seung-ho (Incheon United) who arrived at the airport wearing a national team training suit and in a wheelchair.토토사이트

Park Seung-ho, who participated in the 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup as a member of Kim Eun-joong, returned home earlier than other players. This is because he suffered a right ankle injury in the second group match against Honduras. He even underwent surgery on his way home from the tournament. It was a major injury that allowed him to return to the ground only after 5-6 months. On this day, he was the reason he waited for the players while sitting in a wheelchair.

The reason why Park Seung-ho dared to go to the airport even after getting off the wheelchair, even though he was barely able to walk on his crutches. It was because he wanted to greet his national teammates directly at the airport. He must have wanted to directly express his gratitude and apologies to his teammates who did not forget him throughout the tournament even after he returned home from injury.

In fact, even after Park Seung-ho returned home first, his teammates were always with his uniform. Before the game, when the starting players were taking pictures of the best 11 and taking commemorative photos after the game, someone always wore Park Seung-ho’s uniform with the number 18 on it. Park Seung-ho also said in an interview with this magazine earlier, “I was moved to tears because his teammates lifted the uniform.”

At the same time, I felt very sorry. It was because the physical burden of his teammates was not small as he had to return home first due to his injury. In particular, frontline striker Lee Young-joon (Kim Cheon Sangmu) played full-time in most games. Park Seung-ho, who met with the reporters for a brief moment that day, also said, “I feel sorry for the kids,” and “I’m thankful that I did well enough and brought good grades.”

After the squad showed up at the arrivals hall, Park Seung-ho and his teammates, who hadn’t seen each other in a while, smiled brightly and asked how they were doing. Afterwards, Park Seung-ho joined Kim Eun-joong on crutches, greeted fans together, and participated in the welcome event. They were on their way home, but as director Kim Eun-joong always mentioned ’21 people’, including Park Seung-ho, the return event was more meaningful as the entire group gathered.

Kim Eun-joong’s friendship shone until the very end. Striker Lee Yeong-joon struggled as the only frontline striker throughout the tournament due to Park Seung-ho’s injury, but when asked by the moderator of the event, he expressed his gratitude toward Park Seung-ho, not regret. Lee Young-jun said, “(Park) Seung-ho scored a goal (against Honduras), so we were in a good situation. Thanks to him, he also made the result of 4th place, so rather than feeling sorry for Seungho, he wants to say thank you more,” making the scene warmer.

Coach Kim Eun-joong, who led the national team into the ‘one team’ atmosphere, also thanked the players. He said, “It is true that the players did not receive much attention before participating in the competition, but through the competition, the players proved themselves and confirmed that they have infinite potential.” “As a leader, I want to say thank you. There are many things I want to say, but I don’t think there’s anything better than saying ‘thank you’ to the players.” For coach Kim Eun-joong, the players gave the last gift with a rinse. 

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