Liverpool are aiming for the midfielder who wrote the dark history먹튀검증 of being fat at Manchester City.

According to England’s ‘Sky Sports’, Liverpool have included Calvin Phillips in their list of recruits in preparation for the transfer of Fabinho.

Phillips’ talent broke out at Leeds United. After receiving positive reviews for his activity and passing ability, he transferred to Manchester City this summer.

In particular, through Euro 2020, he stood out in the England national team and emerged as a star who will be responsible for the future of the England national team’s midfield.

However, after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Manchester City did not have as many opportunities as expected. His failure to manage himself was decisive. He made a dark history of being fat.

Manchester City have put Phillips on the disposal list and are looking for a place to go.

There was an atmosphere of Liverpool interest in Phillips. It seems that they are trying to promote recruitment according to the situation.

The reason why Liverpool are showing interest in Phillips is because they sensed the atmosphere of a sudden departure of midfield resources.

Liverpool have signed Alexis McAllister and Dominique Soboslay, but Jordan Henderson and Fabinho are set to leave due to the oil money lure of the Saudi Arabia League.

Liverpool are looking for the right person to reinforce their reduced midfield and have put Phillips in their shopping cart.

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