Pittsburgh Pirates’ bullpen pitcher Colin Holderman showed ‘flawless innings’ with 9 pitches and 3 strikeouts in 1 inning. 

Holderman took the mound in the 7th inning against the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida on the 5th (Korean time), trailing 0-2.

Pittsburgh, who has lost three games in a row recently, put in the setup man, Holderman, even when they were losing. Since last April 30, there has been no mounding, so it was necessary to mound in terms of conditioning. 

Holderman struck out Tyler Walls, Luke Reilly and Christian Betancourt in three consecutive batters with just nine pitches. All three batters struck out three pitches, and it was a ‘flawless inning’. 

Walls struck out looking with a cutter (foul) – sinker (foul) – sweeper (strike), and Rayleigh struck out with a cutter (foul) – cutter (missed swing) – sweeper (missed swing). And Betancourt completed a flawless inning with sweeper (strike) – cutter (miss swing) – sweeper (miss swing). 

Pittsburgh coach Derek Shelton praised Holderman, saying, “Holderman’s performance was overwhelming. It was really impressive. The stuff was really good. You don’t see ‘flawless innings’ often. 

” On September 7, 1987, Jeff Robinson became the first Pittsburgh pitcher to record, and the last was Juan Nicacio to pitch a clean inning against St. Louis on July 4, 2016. The first flawless inning pitched in the majors this year. innings. 

Holderman was selected by the New York Mets in the ninth round of the 2016 draft. He made his big league debut with the New York Mets last year and was traded to Pittsburgh ahead of the trade deadline in July. The Mets sent Holderman while bringing in designated hitter Daniel Vogelbeck. 

After moving to Pittsburgh, Holderman pitched in 9 games (10⅔ innings) and recorded an average ERA of 6.75 with 1 win and 1 hold. Holderman learned a new cutter and sweeper in the offseason. 

He has a 3.21 earned run average with 9 holds without a win or loss in 14 games (14 innings) this season.

“Every time I get the ball ,먹튀검증 no matter who the batter is, I have absolute confidence in myself,” Holderman said. “When I get on the mound, the game is against myself. That’s how I take it every day.”  Lost by -3,

recently lost 4 games in a row.  

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