Now, the opening of the regular season is approaching in a week. SSG Landers is also busy with last-minute preparations.

SSG’s exhibition game against the KIA Tigers, which was scheduled to be held at Kia Champions Field in Gwangju on the 23rd, was canceled due to rain. A lot of rain had fallen the day before, and the game was canceled considering the ground conditions and other factors. There is no additional organization for exhibition matches.

It is a welcome break for the SSG team, which has been away for two weeks due to home stadium construction. After the opening of the exhibition game, SSG is doing a ‘nationwide tour’ from Daegu-Busan-Changwon-Daejeon-Gwangju. We will play 2 consecutive matches against KT Wiz in Suwon this weekend and 2 consecutive matches against LG Twins in Jamsil early next week, and prepare for the opening match to be held at home on April 1st.

Due to the cancellation of rain, starting pitchers’ pitching schedules were delayed by one day. Originally, Moon Seung-won was scheduled to start against the KIA on the 23rd and Park Jong-hoon against the KIA on the 24th. However, Moon Seung-won will play KIA on the 24th and Park Jong-hoon will play KT on the 25th.

As a result, SSG even had an incident in which the players participating in Media Day, which was held ahead of the opening, were changed. Originally, captain Han Yu-seom and pitcher Park Jong-hoon were scheduled to appear, but Park Jong-hoon’s pitching schedule was delayed by a day, so he started the Futures practice game on the 30th instead of the 29th. SSG changed outfielder Choi Ji-hoon to a media day participant.

Now, the starting pitchers have only one final inspection left in the demonstration game. In the remaining five games, Moon Seung-won, Park Jong-hoon, Kim Gwang-hyeon, Kirk McCarty, and Oh Won-seok will pitch once. ‘Young Gun’ Young-jin Song, who started twice in the exhibition match, was selected on the 25th, but was changed. Manager Kim Won-hyung revealed his plan, “Cancel Song Young-jin’s start and pitch in the middle.”

SSG opens with 5 starting pitchers. Of course,스포츠토토 there are also regrets. It is the injury of Annie Romero, who was a strong first starter. Romero complained of shoulder pain at the end of the Okinawa spring camp, and is currently preparing while examining the pain at the Ganghwa 2nd Army Stadium. An exact return date has yet to be determined. First of all, it seems that the player himself can adjust the timing of rejoining the first team only when he feels that he is in good condition.

At least, I am relieved that there were six candidates for selection. Until Romero returns, the rotation centered on domestic starting pitchers must run smoothly to improve early grades.

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