Choi Jun-yong (22, Lotte Giants), who had never been able to go to an overseas spring camp after his debut due to Corona 19, expressed his anticipation for a new experience.

Choi Jun-yong recently met with Star News at Gimhae International Airport before leaving for Guam, USA for the spring camp and said with a smile, 카지노 “The goal is always to aim big.” I really want to do three things,” he said.

Choi Jun-yong, who joined in 2020, was not on the list for the Adelaide camp in Australia for the first year. Since then, Corona 19 has been pandemic worldwide, and I had to train in Korea for the past two years. He said, “I’m a little excited to go to an overseas camp for the first time after joining, and I’ll prepare well.”

Building the body in a warm place is expected to be of great help to the players. Choi Jun-yong also heard a lot about this from his seniors. He said, “I heard that it’s good to exercise because the weather is warm when I go.”

He continued, “It’s my first time going, and I’m going to keep going, so I’m going to go this time and know what’s good and what’s bad, and I’ll build up experience.”

Choi Jun-yong recorded 4 wins, 2 losses, 1 save, 20 holds, and an average ERA of 2.85 in 44 games in 2021, the second year, and ranked second in the Rookie of the Year vote. His powerful fastball was excellent. However, last year, after April (1 loss, 9 saves, average ERA of 1.23), it fell into sluggishness, only 3 wins, 4 losses, 14 saves, 6 holds, an average ERA of 4.06.

Choi Jun-yong, who looked back on last season, said, “I didn’t think my body was tired, but during the season, such a result came out.” He explained, “I had restraints going back and forth, but it was a problem with my body balance.” He said, “I was worried about it because I thought it came out when I lost strength in my body, and I will work hard to maintain consistency this year.”

The importance of his physical condition was felt even in 2021, when he performed well. At that time, Choi Jun-yong suffered a rupture of the subscapularis muscle in his right shoulder in mid-May and was unable to climb the mound for three months. Choi Jun-yong, who recalled that time, said, “I learned a lot while sick at that time. It was a time when he learned a lot about the value of baseball.”

Even in the off-season, Choi Jun-yong did not stop his efforts. He said, “In the winter, I focused on agility exercises, and I felt that I fell in the middle physically, so I reinforced a lot.”

Choi Jun-yong, who set the goal of “building good physical strength and a body that doesn’t hurt” in the spring camp, said at the end, “I will strengthen my team and show it with a good result.” He then added, “If I do my part well, I think the team will do better too.”

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