The biggest partnership contract for this year’s ‘Hero Corps’ was signed. 

Heroes, who had signed seven partnership contracts before the opening of professional baseball, signed a ‘main sponsor extension contract’ this time. On the 23rd (Thursday), the Seoul Heroes team (CEO: Jaemin Wi) unexpectedly met with Kiwoom Securities Co., Ltd. (CEO: Hyunsoon Hwang) at the Gocheok Sky Dome club office in Seoul.

The two companies signed their first main sponsorship contract for five years from 2019 to 2023. This year was the last year of the contract. However, the two companies signed a five-year contract extension ahead of the final year of his contract. As a result, the partnership will continue from 2024 to 2028, allowing the team name of ‘Kiwoom Heroes’ to be used as it is. The contract amount is at least 55 billion won for a total of five years, and reaches a maximum of 69.5 billion won including incentives.

The two companies have achieved remarkable growth over the past four years. With the interest and support of Kiwoom Securities, Seoul Heroes advanced to the postseason for four consecutive seasons from 2019, the first year of the contract, to last year, and took second place twice, establishing itself as a strong team in the KBO League. Kiwoom Securities also took off as a comprehensive financial group by achieving the No. 1 share in domestic stocks and No. 1 in overseas stock trading volume. 

The signing of the main sponsorship extension contract reflects the will to move toward a higher goal based on the mutual growth experience and the strong relationship of trust that the two sides have accumulated so far. Initially, contract extension negotiations were scheduled to begin in August, but the two companies agreed to extend the contract right before the start of the season for Seoul Heroes to win their first title.

With this extension contract,메이저사이트 Seoul Heroes can start the season with the goal of winning their first championship. Kiwoom Securities also plans to establish and carry out long-term plans such as marketing using professional baseball to strengthen industry competitiveness. 

Jaemin Wi, CEO of Seoul Heroes, said, “I am grateful for the deep trust that Kiwoom Securities has shown to Seoul Heroes by signing an early extension of the main sponsorship.” I will fulfill my responsibility,” he said.

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