‘KBSTAR Secondary Battery TOP10 Inverse’ , Korea’s first secondary토토사이트 battery inverse exchange-traded fund ( ETF ) , is showing strong intraday performance on the 13th, the second day of listing. An inverse ETF is a product that seeks profits in the negative direction of daily returns when the underlying index falls. To put it simply, it is a product for people betting on a decline in the stock price of the secondary battery industry. As of 3:02 p.m. on this day, KB Asset Management’s ‘KBSTAR Secondary Battery TOP 10 Inverse’ ETF is trading at 21,455 won, up 385 won (1.83%) from the previous price. On the previous day, the first day of listing, this ETF closed at 21,070 won, up 2.86% from the initial price (20,490 won). Looking at the supply and demand by investment entity as of the previous day, the net purchase amount by individual investors amounted to approximately 25 billion won. This ranked first in individual net purchase amount on the day. The total trading volume was 3,325,134 shares and the transaction amount was 69.5 billion won, which is six times more than the size of the product. This synthetic ETF, listed at KRW 10.5 billion, includes LG Energy Solutions and

Ten major secondary battery companies, including POSCO Holdings, Samsung SDI , EcoPro, and EcoPro BM, were included. On the other hand, the ‘KBSTAR Secondary Battery TOP10’ ETF

, a bullish betting product launched on the same day, has been showing weakness for the second day. This is a point where you can gauge what direction investors are betting on when it comes to secondary battery stocks. This ETF , which was down 3.07% the previous day, is currently trading at 18,135 won, down 1.89% from the previous day. Individual investors posted on various stock bulletin boards such as portals, saying, ‘Honestly, there was a lot of bubbles,’ and ‘The time has come for bloody revenge…’ Starting today, I will fully buy it’, ‘Inverse secondary battery inverse is the obvious restaurant in the market these days’, ‘Considering the excessive surge so far, inverse ETF is a battle that will definitely win’, ‘ I am bitten by secondary battery holding stock and am also buying inverse ETF ‘, ‘2 Opinions were expressed such as, ‘A war between individuals has begun over the ownership of car batteries.’ An ETF analyst at a securities company said, “As the initial amount is around 10 billion won, inverse ETF

“It seems excessive to interpret that the launch of the product has had an impact on the decline of individual stocks or that investment sentiment has worsened,” he said. “The mutual influence of individual stocks and ETF stock prices is similar to the discussion of ‘which came first, the chicken or the egg ? ’ “he said.

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