Park Jin-man’s man is quiet.

For Samsung Lions infielder Kang Han-ul (32), last season was one of the meaningful seasons. This is because it was the season in which he received the most spotlight after his debut.

From August, when manager Park Jin-man started to take over as acting manager, he wielded a hard hit. He played an active role with a batting average of .371, 53 hits, 1 home run and 20 RBIs, and manager Park Jin-man even appointed him as the 4th hitter.

“At that time, I honestly thought, ‘Why me?

Kang Han-wool prepared for the 2023 season with more responsibility than ever. Veteran infielders Kim Sang-soo and Oh Seon-jin left for KT Wiz and Hanwha Eagles after receiving free agent qualifications (FA), respectively. Since Kang Han-wool can see all positions in the infield, the fans’ expectations were high.

Strong wool showed a hot hitting feeling during his demonstration game. 333 batting average with 12 hits, 1 home run, 3 RBIs and 6 runs scored. In particular, against the LG Twins on March 15, he hit a home run in an exhibition game after 3280 days based on the exhibition game at the time.

So, coach Park Jin-man also placed Kang Han-wool, who showed fear in the demonstration game, as the 4th hitter in the opening game. At the time, coach Park Jin-man said, “It’s because he is in the best condition on our team

. ” He has played 7 games so far, with a batting average of 0.087, 2 hits and 1 run. He only got two walks. He has an on-base percentage of .160 and a slugging percentage of .087. The fear he showed in the second half of last season and exhibition games has disappeared everywhere.

It was the same in the match against SSG Landers on the 12th. With the team on a losing streak, Kang Han-ul was placed in the cleanup trio along with Lee Won-seok and Kang Min-ho. Lee Won-seok and Kang Min-ho still hit, but Kang Han-wool was silent this time too. He retired with a grounder to shortstop in the second inning, a fly to left field in the fourth, and a swing-and-miss strikeout in the sixth. He had his last chance at bat in the ninth inning, but he was replaced by pinch hitter Lee Jae-hyun. The day before, he added 1 hit and reached a batting average of 0.100, but it fell back to 0.087 with no hits.

Samsung, who fell into a 6-game losing streak with the loss against SSG, conducted a special attack at night. It meant trying to rebound somehow.

Currently,토스카지노 at Samsung, Kang Min-ho, Lee Won-seok, and Koo Ja-wook are doing their part to some extent. If Kang Han-wool, Oh Jae-il, and Jose Pirella work hard, the cohesion of the other line can be revived.

Can we show the hot side of last year again? The beginning of the season for Kang Han-wool, who will be eligible for free agency at the end of this season, is bleak.

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