Choi Jeong-won (42), a singer and actor from the group UN먹튀검증 , has been handed over to the prosecution after revealing that he had an affair with his wife.

According to the police, the Songpa Police Station in Seoul sent Mr. A, who spread rumors of Choi’s affair , to the prosecution on charges of intimidation, violation of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, insult, and defamation . Mr. Choi filed a complaint against Mr. A in February, and the police handed her Mr. A to the prosecution in March, but resumed her investigation after receiving a request from the prosecution for a supplementary investigation. A police official said, “Most of the charges in the complaint were passed without being omitted.” Mr. A said that his wife committed an affair with Mr. Choi even though she had a son since last January, and disclosed her affair through a transcript and memorandum with her wife. Posting a refutation statement, she has been fighting her truth. At the time, Mr. A appeared in her YouTube video and claimed that Mr. Choi contacted his wife saying, ‘I miss you’ and ‘Let’s have a drink’, saying, “Her family was in ruins, so her wife took her son with her. He went to his parents’ house,” he complained. As the controversy continued, Mr. Choi said, “It wasn’t even a former lover, he was a younger brother in the neighborhood who had known family members since childhood.” He also posted a statement to the effect of denying the affair, saying, “I never did anything disgraceful.”

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