Omari Spellman (Anyang KGC) regained the appearance of 1 option.

KGC won 100-97 in a home game against Seoul SK in the 7th game of the 2022-2023 season SKT Adot Professional Basketball Championship held at Anyang Gymnasium on the 7th.

With this victory, KGC won the championship match two years after the 2020-2021 season. This is his fourth championship win.카지노사이트

It is the second time in the club’s career that it has won both the first place in the regular league and the championship match. Previously, it was won in the 2016-2017 season.

Oh Se-geun won the playoff MVP, but the main character who led the victory that day was Spellman. In 32 minutes and 59 seconds, he showed his presence with 34 points, 14 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 blocks, FG 68% (15/22) 3P 2/5 FT 2/3.

Last season, Spellman was left with regret. This is because Spellman, who was injured, returned to the championship match, but his performance declined due to a failure in conditioning. He lowered his head with an average of 13.4 points, FG 34.3%, 3P 28.2% in 5 matches for the championship match.

There is more willpower than ever this season. He was determined to shake off the disappointment of last season. He showed a sharp appearance from the regular league and served as the first option in the team. There were sluggishness and ups and downs, but I persevered steadily.

Then, during the playoffs, I started to lose focus once again. In particular, there were only two games with more than 20 points from the first game to the sixth game of the championship match. In Game 6, he only managed 22 minutes. When he appeared in the game, there were times when he couldn’t concentrate and the balance between offense and defense collapsed.

According to director Kim Sang-sik, he cared about the pride match with Jameel Warney. Before Game 7, coaches and players such as Byun Jun-hyung emphasized that it was a team-to-team battle, not a fight with Warney and pride.

Before the game, coach Kim Sang-sik said, “Spellman didn’t even joke before the game and tried to focus on the game.”

Spellman, who made up his mind, was different. He focused on playing his role as the team’s first option. He also took the lead in a battle of pride with Warney (20 points, 13 rebounds, FG 9/20). Spellman, who shed tears of pain last season, was able to laugh on this day.

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