In the last 2022 season, Busan I-Park had the worst performance after its founding. When we recall the ecosystem of our professional sports scene, where performance has a great influence on box office success, the wounds suffered by Busan at this time were truly profound. It is possible to improve the performance by preparing again, but it is quite difficult to bring the departed fans back to the stadium.

However, now that the 7th round is over, Busan is holding the box office as well as the results. The average number of spectators per game is 4,420 for Busan, which is currently ranked 5th in the Hana 1 Q K League 2 with 3 wins and 3 draws. Currently, it is attracting the most spectators per game in the K-League 2 to the stadium, beating Chungbuk Cheongju FC (4,242), which is gaining popularity as a new team.

There will be several reasons. The most direct reason is sexual. Busan, led by coach Park Jin-seop, is proving that it is a team that can rise to the top of the league at any time if it prepares properly for the season. Various marketing techniques are being researched so that fans can take an interest in the team, regardless of performance, but unfortunately, in the Korean professional sports world, no other method other than winning is not verified to move fans. The drastically changed results are currently attracting the attention of Busan fans.

It can be said that Busan’s marketing efforts, which it had been trying to keep going for the past two years, have finally met the time. The dynamic seats, which were ambitiously prepared last year, are now so popular that they are difficult to purchase on-site unless they are booked in advance, and the beer park located behind the dynamic seats is also receiving positive responses. Due to the structure of the stadium, if it is not a rainy day, conditions are provided for three or four hours of fun at Busan’s home game.

Coach Park was surprised to hear that Busan is currently the team with the most spectators per K-League 2 game. Then, he bowed his head again and thanked the fans.

Coach Park said,카지노 “I was always apologetic to the fans because of poor results last year.” Aside from that, we set a goal to show our fans a more winning and more interesting side of us. Fortunately, the players are following along well,” he looked back on the process so far.

He continued, “Now I think we should continue this atmosphere. At home, both performance and results should be good, so fans will continue to visit us,” he said, reaffirming his will to continue the current good trend in the future.

Meanwhile, Busan will leave behind the support of the home fans for a while and start their 2nd away match. On the 19th at 7:00 pm at Gimpo Salter Soccer Field, the scheduled 8th round of Gimpo FC will be played, followed by the 9th round of Seongnam FC away match to be held at Tancheon Sports Complex on the 22nd. Despite the handicap of winning in enemy territory, it is Busan that has to reap the desired results in these two matches and continue the good atmosphere that is currently rising in the home room.

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