Jeonbuk Hyundai head coach Kim Doo-hyun, who lost in the first game where he took the baton while head coach Kim Sang-sik was disciplined, demanded a stronger attitude and fighting spirit from the players. 

Jeonbuk lost 1-2 in the 9th round of Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 against Daejeon Hana Citizen held at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on the 26th. 

Jeonbuk, who gave up consecutive goals to Anton and Lee Jin-hyeon, followed Tae-wook Jeong with a header, but failed to equalize and fell to 9th place. 

In a press conference after the game, coach Kim Doo-hyun said, “I’m sorry to the fans. I’m sorry that I couldn’t win despite the bad situation. Overall, I was physically strong because the game was going on two days later. I will prepare,” he said.

When asked what Jeonbuk’s biggest problem is at the moment, coach Kim said, “There may be many things, but I’ll tell you right here.” 

He added, “The players tried to do enough. After scoring two goals, a goal followed. Even after that, the players showed perseverance. In the end, I think the difference was in the goals.” 

When asked to explain the purpose and intention of preparing for the match, coach Kim said, “The opponent was under strong pressure, so he told the players not to lose out of aggressiveness and fighting spirit. I felt pressure in the first half. Also, the win rate at home was not high. “We showed a willingness to do it, but we were at a disadvantage when we conceded in the second half. We responded with a tactical change. We also had a good chance, but it ended up being a goal.” 토스카지노

The back 4 change was made in the second half, and when asked if it would continue into the game, coach Kim said, “I couldn’t remove the striker in a losing situation and I had to go aggressive, so I prepared that way.”

When Kangwon, his opponent in the next round, said that it would have an impact as he won his first win against FC Seoul that day, coach Kim said, “The players are doing their best. Since you can’t defeat the opponent with that much, I’ll do my best. I felt that I had to be tougher, more active, and stronger than my opponent.” 

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