On the 20th, the Pohang Marine Corps 1st Division, where Corporal Chae온라인바카라 Su-geun (20), who died while searching for missing persons in Yecheon, North Gyeongsang Province, was buried, was filled with heavy silence and sorrow. All Marines, including guards at the entrance of the division, honored the corporal with a black ribbon on their left chest. Corporal Chae was promoted to the first rank as he was executed in the line of duty.

The mortuary was prepared at the Marine Corps 1st Division’Kim Dae-sik Hall’. A dignified figure with a red name tag attached to his short hair, the portrait of a corporal was hung amid chrysanthemum decorations. About 50 artificial flowers sent by the government and local organizations were lined up on both sides of the funeral home. On one side, four large tents were installed so that the bereaved family and funeral workers could rest.

On this afternoon, Marine Corps commander Kim Gye-hwan and other Marine Corps staff were the first to lay flowers and burn incense. Then, the commander of the unit to which Corporal Chae belonged and his colleagues offered flowers and paid a silent prayer in front of the portrait.

As soon as the bereaved family saw the photo of the corporal hanging on a sign at the entrance of the mortuary that read, “The late Corporal Chae Su-geun’s mortuary,” they stroked his cheek and sobbed, saying, “What is this embarrassing thing?” Leaning on the arm of a female noncommissioned officer and entering the mortuary with a haggard appearance, the corporal’s mother held the hand of the Marine Corps commander who lowered her head and shed endless tears.

Her mother said, “I am the only son who does not hurt even if I put it in my eyes. How did this happen?” she wailed. She continued, “Billions are broken. I am resentful,” she said, wailing, “no matter how much I call my son’s name, there is no answer. What kind of lightning is this?” Corporal Chae’s father kept his mouth shut and tried to maintain a calm demeanor.

Corporal Chae was the only child of an incumbent firefighter who had been active for 27 years and the eldest son of a family. His mother and father had a hard time giving birth to a corporal in the 10th year of their marriage. Corporal Chae, whose hometown is Namwon, Jeollabuk-do, finished his freshman year of college in Jeonju and volunteered for the Marine Corps last May.

On the evening of the 18th, the day before his death, he spoke to his father on the phone for only two minutes. The father said, “I called because I was worried. watch out for the water But did you know that would be the last time you hear his son’s voice?”

Previously, Corporal Chae was found dead after being swept away by a torrent while searching for a missing person in a flood while searching for a missing person in a flood with his comrades in the area of ​​Bomun Bridge in Naeseongcheon, Yecheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do, at around 9:03 am on the 19th.

Corporal Chae’s funeral ceremony will be held at 9:00 am on the 22nd at the ‘Dosol Hall’ of the 1st Marine Division.

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