The Human Resources Development Service for Accidentally Shredding먹튀검증 National Technical Qualification Answer Sheets Before Scoring and Retesting Has Decided to Pay Compensation of 100,000 Won to Each Damaged Candidate.The Human Resources Development Service of Korea plans to provide financial compensation to 613 people whose answer sheets were shredded by mistake in the 1st written practical test for regular technicians and industrial engineers conducted by the Seoul Western Branch in April last year, “to convey a little bit of consolation.” “We will pay a flat compensation of 100,000 won per person.”The compensation was prepared by returning part of the wages of the employees of the corporation, and plans to complete the payment by the 10th of next month after checking the victim’s account.However, it is known that some of the examinees are proceeding with a lawsuit for collective damages with a law firm separate from this compensation.Regarding this case, the Ministry of Employment and Labor is conducting a special audit on the Human Resources Development Service of Korea, and a separate audit is also underway to prevent recurrence and improve the system.

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