Police confiscated 62 billion won worth of Philopon. When we looked at how the drug was imported in an amount that could be administered to 620,000 people at the same time, it turned out that drug organizations operating in three countries, China, Cambodia, and Nigeria, worked together to secretly import the drug.

This is reporter Song Seung-hwan.


Between the refrigerator and the wall in the house, there is a can of what온라인바카라 appears to be exercise supplements.

There are two more containers on top of the refrigerator.

When the police opened it, they found it was full of drugs and methamphetamine, not supplements.

Hundreds of pills wrapped in silver foil and a bundle of 50,000 won bills were found at another gang member’s house.

The amount of Philopon confiscated in this way amounts to 18.7 kg.

It is an amount that can be administered to 620,000 people at once, with a market value of over 62 billion won.

These drugs were found to have flowed from China, Cambodia, and Nigeria.

The heads of drug distribution organizations operating in three countries worked together to bring it in to be sold in Korea.

Roles were also divided.

Nigeria’s leader sent drugs disguised as exercise supplements to Busan last March.

Domestic gang members delivered the drugs to dealers in various locations.

Some went to Chinese drug dealers in the country.

When the police traced their transactions, it was revealed that all three leaders operating in three countries were involved in drug crimes in Korea.

He conspired to sell ‘Korean drugs’ through the connections he had made while dealing drugs.

The police arrested a Korean leader operating in Cambodia.

And an Interpol red notice was issued against the leaders of Nigeria and China.

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