A social media account has appeared revealing the identities of parents who were accused of filing malicious complaints against a deceased elementary school teacher in Daejeon . The parents’ names, phone numbers, places of business, and even photos of the family were revealed, and while there were comments cheering for this as ‘justice served’, there were also voices expressing concern about secondary damage.

On the 12th, an Instagram account posted the following introductory message, “We are revealing the faces of the murderer who caused a 24-year female teacher to commit suicide소닉카지노, as well as the faces of his children and even the in-laws’ cousin,” along with the personal information of the parents who were identified as the perpetrators of the teacher’s death . come. The response was explosive, with the number of followers exceeding thousands in just one day, but the account was blocked due to repeated reports.

However, posts soon began to appear again under the account name ‘Season 2’. The account operator said, “I am a boy who is in touch with the law,” and “I am not afraid of the law, and I am not afraid of adults.” He wrote, “I will never forget. There is no way to resolve the resentment of the bereaved family, but I will try to do it together. Teacher, it was a painful and difficult time when I was alive, but I hope you will not be sick anymore and be happy there.” Now that account has also disappeared.

Meanwhile, the franchise restaurant known to be run by the perpetrator’s parents terminated its franchise contract with the headquarters, and the hair salon also suspended operations. The store window is filled with notes with messages such as ‘Save the teacher’, ‘Murderer’, and ‘Apologize’.

However, one parent who identified herself as the wife of the director of Hapkido among the people identified as perpetrators said, “One of the four students who showed problematic behavior is my child,” but added, “I am dissatisfied with the teacher’s guidance and I will sue the teacher on charges of child abuse or file a complaint against the school.” “I have never once filed a complaint.” In addition, he added, “We hope that you will refrain from malicious identity theft and malicious rumors. We sincerely appeal to you to stop spreading false information so as not to cause secondary damage to innocent people.”

According to the Daejeon Teachers’ Union, the elementary school teacher who died suffered years of malicious complaints for sending a student who assaulted her classmate to the principal’s office in 2019, and was even sued for child abuse in 2020. He changed his workplace this year after being acquitted, but complained of trauma after the ‘Seoi Elementary School teacher death incident’, and eventually committed suicide at his home on the 5th.

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