Luka Modric has expressed his desire to remain at Real Madrid.

Modric was born in 1985 and is 37 years old. After his birthday he will be 38 years old. It would not be strange to retire tomorrow, but Modric is currently playing for Real Madrid, one of the best clubs in the world. Although he does not maintain the same skills as in his prime, Modric is still playing for Real Madrid as a starter and substitute. Modric has achieved many achievements at Real Madrid, but considering that Real is not lenient towards legends, it feels great that Modric is wearing a Real uniform even in his late 30s.

Modric has been plagued with transfer rumors lately. It was because Modric’s contract period was short. He was also in his late 30s. Currently, Modric’s contract is three months away from expiring, but Modric has yet to renew his contract with Real Madrid. When summer comes, he becomes a free agent (FA) and is Modric who can leave the team.

Like many veteran players, Modric is linking up with clubs in the Middle East. In particular, it is known that Al Nasr, with Cristiano Ronaldo, approached Modric.스포츠토토 While many players choose to spend their twilight years in the Middle East as well as they can afford high salaries, Modric had other ideas. Modric is determined to remain at Real Madrid, the best club in the world, until the end.

European football transfer market expert Fabricio Romano shared on social media how Modric reacted to rumors of a move to the Middle East. Regarding his connection to Al Nasr, Modric said: “I want to stay at Real Madrid. I believe I can stay and I hope so. The rest is just assumptions and rumors. I’ve said this a hundred times and I I hope and believe in staying at Real Madrid,” he said.

England’s ‘Bissaker’ explained that Modric is currently negotiating with the club over renewing his contract. Attention is focusing on whether Modric will be able to celebrate his 12th season at Real Madrid.

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