Sadio Mane (31, Bayern Munich) is in the worst situation of being shunned by his teammates. 

German media ‘TZ’ said on the 5th (Korean time), “Mane, who is expected to leave Munich this summer, is isolated from the team, and it seems that his teammates are avoiding Mane.” “The reason is because he attacked Leroy Sane. It’s not just that,” he said. 

According to the media, Mane is only in touch with his national teammate Buna Sar in the locker room. Other teammates virtually ignore Mane, saying he is being bullied in the locker room. 

Senegalese winger Mane joined Bayern Munich from Liverpool last summer. The transfer fee was 41 million euros (about 60 billion won). Munich has a contract with Mane until 2025. Mane was expected to fill the void with the transfer of Robert Lewandowski (Barcelona). 

However, Manet did not live up to expectations. He has scored 12 goals (5 assists) in 35 games, but only 7 goals in 22 games in the Bundesliga. In addition, in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) against Manchester City, which was defeated 0-3 on the 12th, he had an argument with his colleague Sane and punched him. 

As the unfortunate incident overlaps,안전놀이터 Manet is receiving criticism from fans. At the same time, there are considerable doubts about Mane’s skills within the team. The Munich players are more surprised by Mane’s poor technique. 

Although it is true that Mane has weaknesses, the Munich scouts were convinced of Mane’s dedication and mentality on the pitch and signed him. But that’s not enough for Manet to survive in Munich and won’t be recognized by his peers. After all, Mane is more likely than ever to part ways with Munich this summer. 

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