A driver who was running on the road was shocked to see the스포츠토토 behavior of the driver of the vehicle in front of him while waiting for a traffic light.

What was the situation like?

This was taken while waiting for a signal on the road.

Something is sticking out of the front car window.

Looking closely, it was a foot wearing stockings.

It wasn’t even in the back seat, and obviously my foot was out the window from the driver’s seat.

This is a video that was posted on an online bulletin board last month with the title of ‘Athlete’s Foot’.

The writer thought ‘only while waiting for the signal, but see’, but even after the car started, he said he was putting his feet out like this.

The driver appeared to be a man in his 50s and 60s.

Among the netizens’ comments, there was an opinion saying, “It’s not illegal, what’s the problem?”

Netizens also urged restraint, saying that such accidents can cause serious injuries.

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