It was found that Hyundai Pharm sold a dementia treatment in a container with a hair loss medicine label attached. Hyundai Pharm, which acknowledged that there was스포츠토토 an error in the manufacturing process, is currently carrying out voluntary recall measures.

According to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety on the 30th, Hyundai Pharm started a voluntary recall on the 23rd for Hyundai Minoxidil Tablet, a hair loss medicine. The reason was to put Tamirin tablets ( 8mg 30 tablets) in a container of Hyundai Minoxidil tablets (8㎎ 30 tablets). Tamirin is used as a brain function improving agent, including dementia treatment. According to Hyundai Pharmaceutical, a total of 19,991 bottles of Hyundai Minoxidil were subject to voluntary recall. Considering that a total of 160,000 bottles of Hyundai Minoxidil were sold last year, this amount can be estimated to account for about 10% of the total.

An official from Hyundai Pharm said, “As soon as a pharmacy first received a report on Hyundai Minoxidil Tablets from the headquarters on the 20th, we immediately proceeded with the recall.” “If consumer compensation is required, we will proceed according to legal procedures,” he added.

Hyundai Minoxidil Tablet, classified as a high blood pressure treatment, is gaining great popularity as it is known to have a hair growth effect for the general public. Sales from January to May of this year exceeded 2.1 billion won. Given that sales volume is increasing year by year, the possibility of people complaining of side effects related to this accident cannot be ruled out.

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