A strange-shaped cloud with a huge circular void in the middle먹튀검증 was captured in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do.

According to the Gangwon Meteorological Administration on the 13th, a cloud formation that looked like a hole in the sky was formed over the Chuncheon area around 11 a.m. the previous day. This is the ‘fallstreak’ phenomenon, in which a piece of ice forms between thin cloud layers, cannot withstand its weight, and absorbs the surrounding water vapor as it descends, appearing as if there is a hole in the sky.

Citizens stopped by the clouds they saw for the first time and took pictures with their cell phones. A series of pictures of clouds were posted on online communities and social media (SNS), and netizens responded with amazement, such as “It’s the real-time Chuncheon sky, but it’s not a composite” and “An acquaintance sent me a photo of an amazing cloud . ”

This is not the first time the falls streak phenomenon has occurred. The photo taken when the falls streak phenomenon occurred in Yeongcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do in November 2020 was selected for the Korea Meteorological Administration weather and climate photo exhibition.

An official from the Gangwon Meteorological Administration said, “The Fallstreak Hole phenomenon is rare, but it is a phenomenon that appears continuously.” He added, “It is not a very rare phenomenon as it was detected in Yeongcheon, Gyeongbuk three years ago.”

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