Tokyo (Japan)] Ahead of the match between Korea and Japan in the ‘Fateful Confrontation’, a Japanese reporter once again scratched head coach Lee Kang-cheol. It’s already the third.

Coach Lee Kang-cheol held an official press conference ahead of the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) Japan match held at the Tokyo Dome in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan on the 10th. Here, reporter Yamato of Japan’s ‘Evening Fuji’ touched director Lee Kang-cheol’s heart. ‘Evening Fuji’ is an extreme right-leaning Japanese media.

It was on the 6th that reporter Yamato of ‘Evening Fuji’ asked director Lee Kang-cheol a rude question. The Korean WBC national team lost 2-4 to the Orix Buffaloes at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan. At the time, Orix sent backup-oriented players rather than the first team to the game, and the Korean national team was caught up in three mistakes.

The press conference, which had been held in a relatively bright atmosphere, became chilly in an instant. It was because of a question from reporter Yamato of ‘Evening Fuji’ who asked, ‘What do you think about Orix losing a lot of main members (1st team)?’ Of course, the result of the match is important, but it was a game that was more important to check the condition because it was an evaluation match. However, reporter Yamato was obsessed with the national team that lost to Orix 1.5.

At the time, Lee Jung-hoo burst into laughter after hearing reporter Yamato’s question, and Kim Ha-seong’s expression hardened in an instant, and he couldn’t hide his displeasure. In response, coach Lee Kang-cheol said, “Whether it’s a second team or any other team, if one pitcher throws well, it’s baseball to win. WBC is also a short-term game. , We played without knowing the opponent. If we played the game knowing the players, I think we would win.”

And on the 7th, after the Korean national team defeated the first team of the Hanshin Tigers 7-4, reporter Yamato asked a question. Reporter Yamato, who was obsessed with the match result the previous day, poured out questions about the Japanese national team and Ohtani, completely unrelated to the match on the 7th. Reporter Yamato said, ‘He appointed most of the players, but only Ko Young-pyo was not appointed. Was it conscious of the war with Japan? Also, if I don’t stop Ohtani, I can’t win. So, have you become more vigilant or are there any countermeasures?’

After hearing reporter Yamato’s question, manager Lee Kang-cheol said, “We are focusing on the game against Australia, not against Japan. And I don’t have to say anything about the selection of players.” I will continue to focus on the match against Australia, so I will prepare well and go to Tokyo.”

Reporter Yamato did not show up at the press conference after the match against Australia the previous day (9th), but it was different before the match between Korea and Japan on the 10th. Reporter Yamato once again provoked coach Lee Kang-cheol at a press conference prior to the game. Reporter Yamato said on the 10th, ‘Yesterday (9th), the Korean national team lost. If you lose today, you have nowhere to retreat. What kind of pressure are you under? And what do you think about the Korea-Japan match in Japan? All three times, the content, intention, and nuance were different from the general questions of Japanese media outlets.스포츠토토

Director Lee Kang-cheol, who had put up with reporter Yamato’s rude questions, felt that his patience was at its limit, and in the end he couldn’t hide his emotions. The command tower said, “I don’t think it’s something that can be answered that way,” and the press conference ended in a chilly atmosphere. It is clear that you are in a bad situation. But everything has to be unlocked. Even in order to silence reporter Yamato of ‘Evening Fuji’, he desperately needs to win the match against Japan.

[WBC Korean national team coach Lee Kang-cheol is interviewing after completing official training at the Tokyo Dome in Japan on the morning of the 8th.

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