President Yoon Seok-yeol made a large-scale appointment of ministers and vice ministers, appointing Professor Kim Young-ho as the Minister of Unification and weightlifting star Professor Jang Mi-ran as the second vice minister of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

It is also noticeable that the five presidential secretaries were ‘forwardly deployed’ as ministries, and President Yoon ordered them to boldly fight against the predatory interest cartel먹튀검증.

This is reporter Jo Eun-ji.

Kim Young-ho, a professor of political science and diplomacy at Sungshin Women’s University, has been nominated to replace Unification Minister Kwon Young-se, who expressed his intention to return to the party.

He is an expert in international politics and unification policy, serving as the secretary for unification at the Blue House of the Lee Myung-bak administration and advising the Ministry of Unification of the Yoon Seok-yeol administration.

With Moon Seung-hyun, Ambassador to Thailand, appointed as vice minister, both ministers and vice ministers became external personnel after 25 years, and the role of the Ministry of Unification, which has been focused on inter-Korean exchanges and cooperation, is expected to change.

[Kim Dae-ki / Chief of Staff to the President: When appointing the Minister of Unification in the future, we have determined that he is the right person to pursue a principled North Korea policy and a consistent strategy for unification.] The second vice minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, who serves as the government spokesperson, said weightlifting star Jang Mi-ran, professor of physical education at Yongin University, said, “I am surprised

. It’s been selected.

The President’s Office explained that it expects a new wind in the field of sports, saying that it has combined the field and theory, from efforts to achieve the Grand Slam, thorough self-management, and fostering younger students through the Jang Mi-ran Foundation.

It is also eye-catching that five secretaries of the Yongsan Presidential Office were forward-deployed to ministries.

It means that aides who understand President Yoon’s philosophy of state affairs will be put in as vice ministers to gain momentum for state affairs and accelerate reforms in the second year of power.

President Yoon met with them and asked them to boldly fight against the predatory interest cartel, and to sternly stern officials who cooperate with the cartel.

[Kim Eun-hye / Chief of Public Relations, President’s Office: (President Yoon) said that the interests gained by building a cartel among themselves are to plunder the people, and breaking it is the direction of our government’s state administration and what we can do for the people.] Other

details Twelve vice ministers from 11 ministries were replaced, including Kim Wan-seop, head of the budget office at the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, and Oh Young-joo, the ambassador to Vietnam, as the second vice minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The appointment of the chairman of the Korea Communications Commission or the Minister of Industry was excluded from this announcement due to issues such as nomination of a successor and political judgment.

President Yoon is expected to hold an additional small cabinet reshuffle at the end of next month or early August.

This is YTN Cho Eun-ji.

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